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Asked: 27th November 2023 By: Ghzala

Re Treatment for Platysmal Bands

Hi, About 6 months agoI had Botox (allergen) brand 100 iu for platysmal bands..sadly even after a top up I didnt notice any difference.

More recently..about 3 weeks ago..another practitioner used Botolux (at over 100iu and ensured she placed these frequently and deeply where needed) however even following a top up there has been no reduction in the prominence of the bands and they are still just as 'unrelaxed' and noticeable.

I am a 55 year old female and now have a thin neck with no extra flesh..however my lines werent so bad in first place but i wanted to halt them as i can see deep bands developing.

Why havent these treatments worked and is there a better/stronger toxin which may be more suitable?

I have had same treatments for forehead lines and products have worked effectively there so i doubt I've got/built up immunity to these products.

Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated.


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Asked: 2nd August 2023 By: Anna

Eyelid wrinkles and under eye

Can Botox be done here? Do you have an appointment on 23rd august when I am in Edinburgh? Around 9am? I have dentist in Sundays at at 0945

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Asked: 11th February 2023 By: Kirsty


Do you offer Botox for strabismus and if so do you have a high success rate / good results?

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Asked: 16th August 2022 By: hannah

Botox for TMJ?

Hi do you offer/specialise in botox used to treat TMJ?

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Asked: 14th May 2021 By: JosieChanning1987

How much does Botox cost?


I have been reading information on Botox. I am confused about the cost, some clinics mention different prices per area but I am confused about what an area is? Why do Botox prices vary and can you explain what the different areas are??

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