Surgiderm ®

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The Surgiderm® range, manufactured by Corneal Group, (now part of Allergan) is based on their patented cross-linking process called “3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix Technology”, which is claimed to allow for a tighter, more uniform, and greater number of cross-link structures – allowing greater resistance to degradation, meaning that it claims to last longer than other hyaluronic based fillers.

Surgiderm ® was launched in the UK in 2006 but is more popular in mainland Europe that in the UK. As a result, you may only come across a few practitioners using this product currently.

Generic name

Non animal stabilized hyaluronic acid.

How is it made?

By bacterial fermentation from streptococci bacteria.

Is a skin test required before treatment?


Is it temporary or permanent?

Hyaluronic acid is completely broken down within the skin over a period of months, eventually leaving no trace of the filler.

Licenced status

Medical device.

Should be used by

Trained members of the medical profession only.

Product range

Surgiderm 18

Surgiderm 18 is designed for injection into the superficial dermis for fine lines such as laughter lines around the eyes and the smoker lines or peri-oral lines above the top lip.

Surgiderm 24XP

Surgiderm 24 XP is designed for injection into the medium dermis for medium to deep lines and wrinkles, and for enhancing the border on the lips (vermillion border).

Surgiderm 30

Surgiderm 30 is designed for injection into the deep dermis for treatment of deep lines and wrinkles and deep skin depressions.

Surgiderm 30XP

Surgiderm 30 XP is designed for injection into all three levels of the dermis and can be used for the treatment of medium and deep skin depressions, the enhancement of volume, such as cheek atrophy or sunken areas, and also for enhancing the border of the lips (vermillion border).


Surgilips is designed for injection into the lips and peri-oral area around the mouth and can be used for filling smoker`s lines, redefining the contour of the lips (vermillion border) and increasing the volume of the lips themselves.

Surgilift Plus

Surgilift® Plus is designed for injection into the superficial dermis to replenish the hyaluronic acid lost through ageing, hence hydrating the skin and improving its elasticity and tone in areas including the face, neck, décolletage (the area between the neck and breasts) and hands.

For more information, please see our Surgilift® Plus page.

Not to be used in

Individuals with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

Pregnancy and breast feeding.

Duration of effect

This depends upon the degree of correction required, your age and lifestyle as well as the correct placement of the product by a practitioner.

Corneal claim that the results for Surgilips®, as well as looking more natural, last longer at 9 - 12 months on average, compared to less than 6 months for other hyaluronic acid fillers used in the lips.

Reported side effects

Transient erythema (redness), swelling, possible discomfort at the implant site, this usually resolves spontaneously or within one or two days after injection. Any persistent reaction must be reported to your practitioner.

Localised reactions thought to be of a hypersensitivity nature have been reported in about 1 in every 2000 treated patients. Redness, tenderness and rarely acneform papules may occur.

In addition in rare cases (in less than 1 in 15,000 treatments) granuloma, superficial necrosis and urticaria have been reported.


This depends on area treated and how much is required, and the practitioner doing the treatment, but ranges are in the region of: £250 to £400 per treatment.

Clinical results

Before and After Photos of Surgiderm treatment

Before and After pictures of treatment with the Surgiderm® range.

From top: Filling of naso-labial (nose-to-mouth) lines and marionette (mouth-to-chin) lines.

Increasing the volume of the upper and lower lips.

Photographs courtesy of Euromedical Systems Ltd.

Before and after photographs are real patients, your results may differ.