Acoustic Wave Therapy For Cellulite (e.g. Lipotripsy)

Acoustic Wave Therapy For Cellulite (e.g. Lipotripsy) Image

Procedure Time: 30 mins - 1 hour

Recovery Time: No downtime

Results Duration: Dependent on lifestyle. Maintenance treatments required.

Cost: Approx. £600 for a course of ten treatments

Anaesthesia: None

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Acoustic waves (also called sound, pressure or shock waves) have been shown to stimulate metabolic processes and improve connective tissue elasticity for cosmetic use in the treatment of cellulite, fat reduction and body contouring. The use of focused and radial Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT™) for the treatment of cellulite is marketed by Storz Medical in the UK with the Lipotripsy™ device. Other devices are also available. Acoustic energy is delivered to the targeted area, which then creates heat and stimulates the breakdown of fat (which is metabolised by the body), lymphatic drainage and the formation of new collagen for improved skin tone and firmness. There is no real downtime associated with this treatment. Two sessions per week are recommended with up to ten sessions advised for the best results. Expect to pay around £600 for a course of ten treatment sessions.

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Acoustic Wave Therapy For Cellulite (e.g. Lipotripsy) FAQs

Acoustic wave therapy is a treatment that can be used to treat cellulite and to reshape the body, although there is also an applicator for use on the face (such as for double chins).

It stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, a process known as lipolysis, the production of new collagen, and lymphatic drainage. An applicator tip (or a probe) is passed over the treatment areas and acoustic waves are emitted through the skin at various intensities including radial or radiated waves or focused, high energy waves. Different applicators are used depending on the type of acoustic energy being delivered.

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

This generates a build-up of heat energy in the fat cells and collagen strands, which are effectively destroyed by the heat. The body’s own healing process then begins, which means that the fatty acids and fat cells are naturally passed out through the lymphatic system and excreted by the body. As collagen strands are damaged, they begin to rebuild and skin becomes smoother and tighter in the treated area.

Several processes occur as a result of the treatment: loss of fat cells which are then naturally passed through the body, a boost to collagen and elastin production, the formation of strengthened connective tissue (so that the fat cannot slip through the tissue with a puckered appearance on the outside of the skin), enhanced blood supply to that connective tissue so that it stays supple and dimple-free, improved drainage within the lymphatic system, so that fat cells can be flushed through more efficiently and increased metabolic activity, which helps to reduce oedema (swelling).

Following treatment, the skin and skin’s tissue become more permeable, so that the fluids as well as the toxins within fat cells can be released and excreted more efficiently by the lymphatic system.

Skin will be smooth and wrinkle and dimple free, and contour can be returned to the body. 

Careful discussions regarding your reasons for wanting treatment for your cellulite or body shaping are very important before you begin the treatment. You must also make sure that this treatment can deliver what you want and how you would like to look afterwards. Your practitioner should be able to answer all these questions.

A medical history should also be taken to make sure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t undertake treatment. You may be asked to sign a consent form which means that you have understood the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure.

Photographs may also be taken by the practitioner for a "before and after" comparison at a later date.

Your skin will be lightly cleansed by the practitioner before commencing acoustic wave therapy. The probe or applicator head will then be passed over the surface of the skin.

Treatment is described as feeling like a vigorous massage and will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour, dependent upon the area being treated.

Repeat Treatments
Two sessions per week are recommended with up to ten sessions advised for the best results.