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Craig Lowe
By Craig Lowe

Since 2021, Craig has played a crucial role in ensuring a seamless experience for all our valued Members throughout their journey.

Grab the premium listing slot in your area. Stand out from your competitors and increase your visibility with Featured Listings.
We have listened to your feedback over the years and developed the much anticipated ‘Featured Listings’ option for your Membership
As you may be aware, our core mission over the last 16 years has been to continually come up with better, and more effective ways to help our Members to grow their aesthetic businesses and increase their profitability. 
We think Featured Listings are another great option for aesthetic clinic business owners, so let us tell you more about it…
The UK and Ireland Clinic Search facility on - helps direct the public (potential clients) to clinics in their area that offer the medical aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures they are searching for. The search results are randomised by mileage, but with a Featured Listing, clinics can purchase (and thus guarantee) the Top Slot in a search results list; which will still be filtered by the chosen treatment, condition or product and town, city or county. This premium option has been created to help improve a clinic’s visibility in our Clinic Search results, harnessing the power of SEO. 

Investing in a Featured Listing, which is appropriately highlighted and stands out at the top of the results list, will increase the likelihood of a consumer clicking through to view your profile first, and going on to choose your clinic to carry out their treatment, instead of viewing and contacting your competition. Featured Listings also allow you to include a USP for your clinic to capture the interest of the consumer and act as a driver for engagement.

Whether you note that you are an ‘award-winning clinic’, ‘run by doctors/nurses’ or ‘have twenty years’ experience in medical aesthetics’, the choice is yours to help you truly stand out in our search results.

Featured Listing
To make the decision to upgrade your clinic listing with Featured Listings as simple as possible, we have developed a stand-alone portal, as part of our Members Area, so you can view the options and prices available to you, any time of day, and purchase as many as you wish, as often as you wish. You can access it via -
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Featured Listing prices include a combination of a geographical area (a county in the UK or Ireland) and a treatment, product or condition from those listed on Each combination, and thus each Top Slot in the search results for that combination, e.g., dermal fillers in Devon, can only be bought once, by one clinic. For fairness and value for money, prices will vary according to the popularity of treatment, product or condition and the area of the country. If you are unsure which towns and cities fall within which county boundaries, our portal has helpful lists for you to check against; in some cases, you may wish to purchase Featured Listings for neighbouring counties.
Featured Listings are calculated monthly and paid for in 6-monthly cycles, with each combination putting a clinic in their chosen Top Spot for a period of 6 months, after which the Featured Listing combination will become available again for any clinic to purchase, once it has expired. You need not worry though as we have made it possible for you to set a renewal reminder, so you will receive early notification by email and can re-purchase any of your Featured Listings which are soon to expire. There’s no need for you to keep note of which Featured Listing combinations expire on which date when you use our renewal reminders.
You can purchase as many Featured Listings as you wish, assuming your chosen combinations are available at the time of purchasing. If one of the options you wish to have is not currently available, we will let you know the date of its expiry, and you can choose to be reminded by email when it becomes available to purchase again. Payment is via credit/debit card payment, with all invoicing and transaction history available through the Featured Listings portal in the Members Area.
One of the advantages that Featured Listings will bring to clinics is for those offering botulinum toxin treatments. As all brands of botulinum toxin type A, including Botox®, are prescription-only medicines, it is forbidden by medicines regulations to directly or indirectly advertise them to the public. This means that you are unable to advertise and promote these treatments using options such as Google Adwords or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through Facebook. As we are providing a directory search to the public for clinics offering these treatments, no such restrictions exist to stop you from being featured as a top provider of Botox®, Azzalure™ or Bocouture™ treatments in our search results. This is another way for Consulting Room Members to gain a great competitive edge over their competition in a saturated marketplace.
highlighted listing
Not ready for a featured listing?
Why not try a highlighted listing for £3 per month? 
The search results will remain randomised by mileage, and you won't appear at the top of the results as you would do if you purchased a Featured Listing, however, your listing will stand out in the search results with a purple box and USP. 
Let’s have a quick look at some case studies to help make the concept of Featured Listings a little clearer...
Now, we know what you’re thinking…
How do I know I’m going to get a return on my investment and how many people are performing the searches that I’m considering featuring in? 
We can help you there too. If you’re unsure about which Featured Listings you want to invest in, we can give you top-level statistics for the last two months for the searches you are considering. So, with our case studies above we can show that:
Clinic 1: 2,471 consumers searched for Dermal Fillers in Devon during March and April 2019. So that’s £15 a month to be seen at the top of a search result by over 1,200 potential new clients, with the average retail price of a filler treatment running at ten times that.
Clinic 2: 65 consumers searched for 3D-Lipo in Cheshire, 330 in Merseyside and 788 in Greater Manchester, a total of 1,183 searches during March and April 2019. So that’s £55 a month to be seen by almost 600 potential new body contouring clients, with the average retail price charged for a single session of 3D-Lipo treatment being approximately £150-£200.
As you can see, the potential to be ‘seen’ by considerable numbers of targeted and interested consumers is significant. Standing out from the crowd by having a Featured Listing at the top of the page means that you could secure substantially more new client referrals than other clinics in the same set of search results. 

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Want to lead by excellence and ensure that your clinic is visible above your competition?

Yes? Choose your Featured Listings, but you'd better hurry before someone else beats you to it!
You can visit directly or navigate to the Featured Listings Dashboard via your Members Area homepage.

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