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Share your latest product launches and news via our clinic-facing social media platforms.

There is a reason that for 20 years we have been the UK's largest aesthetic information website - we disseminate every pertinent bit of information we think may be of interest to a successful aesthetic clinic or a consumer seeking treatment. From treatment and product information and news to clinic education, industry, safety and legislative updates, training, classifieds, recruitment and the latest products. We make sure that every suitable piece of news that lands in our inbox gets disseminated across our social media channels.

We believe in building both consumer-facing and clinic-facing hubs which are easily accessible and where information from trusted sources is freely available for those who want to consume it.

So, if you have any product launches, new initiatives or campaigns, product announcements, clinical trials, company launches or any news you think our clinics or consumers will want to hear about, email them to our editorial team at

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Clinic-Facing Social Media Audiences

Consumer-Facing Social Media Audiences

"I was initially cautious due to budgeting reasons, but have had no regrets. Not only has it generated very positive leads, which have turned into business, but it has also created market awareness as customers already know who I am and what I do before I have the opportunity to speak to them."
- Admiral Leasing

"The content you have kindly shared to date through emails and social media has been very impactful and drove high engagement."
- Citation PLC


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