Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP)

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Over the last 10 years, there has been a significantly high rise in the number and type of non-surgical aesthetic procedures performed in the UK. Many of these procedures come within the remit of ‘Regulators’ but many do not. Many non-medically and medically trained Practitioners are performing treatments that are considered to put patients at risk without the necessary supervision. There has also been a rise in complaints about treatments provided by medically trained Practitioners.

To regulate and provide a clear route of redress for the public an explicit set of competencies was required for each procedure with accompanying clinical and practice-based standards. Many premises are not required to be inspected resulting in wide variations in quality and safety.

These omissions have led to Government led enquiries and the establishment of industry-based working parties to address these issues.

From these processes has emerged the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) to oversee voluntary regulation and the Cosmetic Standards Practice Authority (CPSA) to set evidence-based practice standards. 

The Public

The Public

How can I get safe treatment?

The JCCP has been established to assist members of the public who are seeking/considering or undergoing non-surgical and hair restoration surgery treatments (Injections, Fillers, Lasers, Peels and Hair Restoration Surgery) with advice on patient safety matters and how to gain access to registers of approved practitioners.


How can the JCCP help me as a ‘Practitioner’?

The JCCP has been established as a vehicle to promote patient safety in the world of non-surgical aesthetics and hair restoration surgery. It achieves this by the provision of information/advice to the public and its ‘Practitioner Register’. Practitioners must meet stringent entry requirements, sign up to a strict Code of Practice and operate within a new set of standards and competencies.



Why should I as an education and training provider register with the JCCP?

There are many high-quality training providers working in non-surgical aesthetics however there are many who are offering sub-standard and unrecognised qualifications, supported by questionable accreditation routes and who are using misleading marketing tools to attract trainees.

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