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Our unique quarterly themed editions take a deep dive into different sectors or topics associated with the world of aesthetic medicine with articles written by leading practitioners in their field of expertise and many sought-after contributors such as Dr Patrick Treacy, Dr David Eccleston, Professor David Sines and Ron Myers, to name a few, and is edited by our award-winning editor, Vicky Eldridge, you can see why each issue is highly anticipated.

Each quarter Consulting Room Members can look forward to receiving an 80-page digital aesthetic medical speciality magazine. Each issue is packed with industry news and content on aesthetic and clinical practice, nutrition and running a cosmetic business, in line with an overall theme. Themes covered to date include Wellness and Internal Medicine in AestheticsComplications ManagementSkin Health SpecialDiversity and InclusionRegenerative MedicineBody Contouring and Weight LossMenopause in AestheticsEmerging Products and TechnologiesAesthetic Gynaecology and Hormones and Hyperhidrosis Management to name a few.

All of our back issues can be accessed free of charge in our magazine digital archive.

Several articles within each issue of the magazine are CPD-certified and provide a wealth of educational content for clinicians and their staff. There is also an option to download and complete a CPD Reflective Form, provided by Ltd in association with the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), to document the learning experiences after reading this publication.

Suitable for aesthetic business owners, medical and non-medical practitioners, and other staff members - the Consulting Room Magazines contain CPD-certified content and reflective learning forms which can be used by those requiring additional content for their CPD logs.

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Magazine Reach

  • Digital copy emailed directly to 3.5k fully opted-in database of HCPs
  • Digital copy hosted via the digital publishing platform Issuu as a digital flipbook
  • Digital copy placed in dedicated magazine archive
  • Digital copy placed in Members Area
  • Digital copy included in the fortnightly digital newsletter to 800+ clinics and their key decision makers, totalling 1.5k recipients
  • Digital copy published to our clinic-facing Facebook page with an audience of 3.2k
  • A digital copy is published to our growing Twitter audience of 12.8k
  • Digital copy published to our LinkedIn with a growing audience of over 1.3k
  • Digital copy published on clinic-facing Instagram page with an audience of over 2.8k
  • Articles converted into a range of readable assets such as a digital flipbook, a downloadable static PDF and individual digital articles
  • Selected articles and adverts pushed to our industry blog
  • Selected articles and adverts pushed to our social media pages

Here is the breakdown of our 3,500 direct mailout database and their medical qualifications.

  • GMC 38.7%
  • NMC 31%
  • GDC 9.6%
  • GphC 1.4%
  • Surgery 8.8%
  • Other 9.4%

Note: "Other" is split into clinic management teams, journalists, members of registers and organisations and non-injectable practitioners.

Did you know?

We have been producing a magazine since 2009. For over 10 years, we produced a digital monthly in-depth Magazine before switching to a quarterly edition.

You can access digital copies of our magazines and CPD-certified feature articles here.


Advertising Opportunities in the Magazine.

(Adverts are included in the digital flipbook, a downloadable static PDF and individual digital articles, as accompanying select articles published via social media and hosted in the Magazine archive)

  • A4 full-page advert
  • Double-page advert
  • Double-page advert after front page (Headline sponsor)
  • A full A4 page advert on the first few pages of the Magazine
  • Half-page advert
  • Full-page advertorial
  • Interactive advert (video)
  • Headline advert in the latest issue announcement email to subscribers
  • Advert in the latest issue announcement email to subscribers
  • Adverts on individually published digital articles

Here's what our readers have to say about the Consulting Room Magazine:


The Consulting Room magazine is an exceptionally useful tool for aesthetic practitioners the CPD content and articles are reliable, readable and applicable. In a fast-paced industry that constantly evolves, this publication condenses the facts and delivers exactly what you need to know.
Yvonne Senior, RN, INP, BSc Derm, MA, Cert Ed, PIAPA Chair, Aesthetic Nurse and Educator


Consulting Room (magazine) issue one is a great publication - really high-quality articles, well written, well presented, and I even used your CPD reflective template.
Dr Martyn King, Cosmedic Clinic


My business manager and I have to fight about who gets to take it home first. She usually wins as the post lands on her desk, but it's a testament to the great quality content!

Illuminate Skin Clinic


I very much enjoy reading the articles in the Consulting Rooms magazine. I find them informative and balanced in opinion. I like to keep up with the latest developments and best practice.

Perfect Glow Aesthetics


Consulting Room has always been to me the voice of balanced and sensible journalism in an arena which can be over glamourised and fall short of what is expected from a medical specialty.

Sharon Bennett


Medical Aesthetics is a continuing evolving field and working as a lone practitioner can feel rather isolating but the Consulting Room magazine provides useful essential information on current practise, knowledge and products which I have found acts as a great guide as to what areas of my practise may need developing to ensure I continue to offer my patients safe and efficious treatment.

Crafts Aesthetics


Consulting Room’ magazine is a superbly informative publication put together by health journalists who have not shied away from topics of political and scientific contention. This magazine covers relevant and contemporaneous topics in the world of cosmetic medicine, focusing primarily on the British market but with relevance to all countries where aesthetics is practised. I was delighted to be asked to join the editorial board since the birth of this magazine, and have had the pleasure of co-authoring a number of varied articles and offering my pragmatism-underpinned thoughts. The magazine has a well-earned reputation for being able to nicely research topics and to then distil matters down to an easy-to-read format, whilst being adequately scientific for its main audience (medics, dentists, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners). I am certain that this magazine shall continue to deservedly increase its readership.

I just wanted to say a huge well done for such a great new quarterly magazine. I have to say you created an excellent balance of informative current articles, with a terrific amount of relevant informative material... Also, it was a pleasant change not to be bombarded with advertorials/adverts. I look forward to reading the next edition.

Mr. (Dr.) N. Sivathasan, CR Editorial Board Member and Advisor


I just wanted to say a huge well done for such a great new quarterly magazine. I have to say you created an excellent balance of informative current articles, with a terrific amount of relevant informative material... Also, it was a pleasant change not to be bombarded with advertorials / adverts. I look forward to reading the next edition.

Julie Scott RGN, NIP, Facial Aesthetics


Just read the first issue of the new Consulting Room magazine, and have to say it is very impressive! There really is something for everyone in our clinic - whether it is treatment/equipment based for our practitioners, or marketing-based for me. Then on top of that, there are a number of articles that really capture the interest, whoever you are. I particularly enjoyed reading about the global issue of Vitamin D deficiency and the articles about nutrition. I highly recommend the magazine to other clinics and think it is a worthwhile publication to spend a bit of time reading. And let`s face it, in the digital age we live in, there is something quite nice about having an actual magazine to hold onto!
Mara Sturton, Marketing & Sales Manager, Grampian Cosmetic Clinic

What our advertisers say:


Using the Consulting Room Magazine and email campaigns have been a great ROI. We have picked up new business on both our brands. I would highly recommend this to any company looking to be put in front of quality clinics. The response from advertising has been brilliant and, we have had great success with our marketing campaigns. The team are wonderful to work with and goes that extra mile!
Charlotte Body, Sourced Associates provide us with a unique way of reaching our potential customers. They are a trusted source whose magazine is one that tends to get read more in-depth than others, giving our adverts a greater opportunity to be noticed. As the magazine is more content than advertising-driven our adverts have even more chance of being seen, read and responded to. We have also used their email marketing from which our campaigns have always had a great response. I believe this is because is a recognised and credible brand meaning people are more engaged and more likely to open our emails.
Martyn Roe, Aesthetic Medical Partnership Ltd

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