Google Analytics - Web Referrals From Consulting Room
By is the most comprehensive and accurate aesthetic information resource for consumers, health and beauty journalists and clinics.

Consulting Room allows consumers to interact with you in their most preferred way; with links to your website, social media platforms and phone number. The most obvious and trackable referrals for clinics and practitioners are the direct and branded emails that are sent from the email contact form on Consulting Room direct to you.

However, most people miss the weblinks. These are trackable in your Google analytics package that is linked to your website (if you don’t have access to Google Analytics, please ask your web designer).

In our experience web visitors referred directly from the Consulting Room website to your website will have a very low “bounce rate” compared to links from other websites, with the number of pages visited and time on your website a lot higher than average (i.e. hot prospects!).

If you have not done this already, or don’t know how to, please view this 2-minute video from Dan, our web designer, explaining how to track these ConsultingRoom links in your analytics package.


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