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For those of you who are still engaging with your patients, either via email, phone or any form of online event - (and we recommend that you do all of these if you are not a keyworker or looking after family) - then these novel 633nm and 830nm, dual-wavelength, silicone flexible LED masks (for both the face and also the neck and décolletage) could provide a new opportunity to bolster your retail sales.

Ron Myers, interviews Sue D’Arcy from iSmart Developments. Sue is one of the most experienced and serial LED device innovators in the UK with a heritage stretching back to the first commercial LED device (Omnilux™) utilised in professional aesthetic clinics.

With over 20 years’ experience in developing LED technology, backed by clinical data, Sue has recently launched a novel flexible silicone LED mask aimed at the retail market.

In this interview, Sue explains about the differences between LED technologies available today, and demonstrates the LED mask for the face, alongside her latest mask specifically for neck and décolletage.

Sue also discusses the commercial aspects of how clinics can order LED masks for their clients, with no minimum order required, and where she can also arrange delivery during lockdown if needed.

Watch the interview below. A transcript of the discussion is also available below for further referencing.

To view videos on the LED mask visit:

For more information about the device or to order a sample, email Sue D’Arcy:

Please note that Ltd have no commercial affiliation with iSmart – we simply think that this might be something that could generate extra revenue for Member clinics at this time.

To download the Sue Darcy Facelite Podcast Transcript, click here


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