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VIVA Skin Clinics | Chin Shaping with Dermal Filler Video

In this video, Dr Rupert shows us Chin Shaping with dermal filler. Dr Rupert uses small amounts of dermal fillers injected in different areas of the chin to subtly improve imperfections. Balancing symmetry, correcting disproportions and creating a more refreshed look, this procedure is perfect for those in the limelight. With minimal downtime, swelling and a very low risk of bruising, clients are almost ready to hit the catwalk within 48 hours. Using the latest range of Juvederm fillers with vycrossTM technology, Dr Rupert’s Cheek and Jawline Contour moves you one step closer to aesthetic perfection. The procedure takes 20 minutes to complete, with results lasting around 12 months. Price start at £400 and more information can be found here: http://www.vivaskinclinics.com/price-...

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