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Reverse Time Aesthetic Treatments Winchester is conveniently located in Twyford, Winchester.

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Reverse Time (Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning) provides bespoke anti-ageing/specialist aesthetic advice for patients seeking safe medical treatments to maintain the healthy appearance of their skin and to prevent the appearance of premature aging.

Services offered range from skin/structure/ageing assessment, wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, mesotherapy to improvement of facial sagging with reabsorbable threads (Silhouette Soft and PDO). These usually work best in combination.

1 - Wrinkle relaxing injections, and temporary improvement of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) with botulinum treatment following medical consultation.

2 - Non-surgical facelifts with approved dermal filler combinations - Radiesse V lift, Juvederm 8 point lift and Periorbital Rejuvenation to refresh the appearance of skin around eyes.

3 - To help repair damage caused by sun and injury (Cryotherapy, Scar needling, Pigmentation assessment and advice)

4 - Evidence based skincare to prevent premature ageing of skin (Obagi, Dermaceutic).

5 - Collagen Induction therapy: Genuine Dermaroller(TM), Dermastamp (for acne scarring, stretch marks)

6 - Improvement of unevenly pigmented, sun-damaged, dull or tired looking skin by medical exfoliation with medium depth chemical peels eg Easy TCA, Dermaceutic.

7 - Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments for rejuvenating ageing skin (face / decolletage)

8 - Improving the appearance of facial descent (sagging) with reabsorbable threads (Silhouette Soft) usually in combination with fillers and wrinkle relaxation for optimum results (please note this is NOT the same as a surgical facelift!)

9 - Traditional (Pistor) Mesotherapy sessions for improvement in appearance of cellulite, toning up skin, temporary relief of musculoskeletal pain and spasm - these are specially tailored to individual patient needs following consultation.

10 - Contouring of stubborn localised fat deposits, double chins, jowls, with fat-dissolving injections (Aqualyx). All consultations and treatments are performed by a qualified GP / Aesthetic Doctor. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continued professional development, honest advise and follow up.

Venues: Andover, Winchester (Fri), Southampton (Mon, Sat) all easily accessible across the South Coast. Andover (Tues & Wed): Dr A N Denning provides non-surgical treatments such as botulinum, 8 point lifts, PDO and Silhouette Soft thread lifts, and cellulite treatments.

This is a modern treatment suite within a Victorian house conversion in the picturesque market town of Andover, alongside a well respected dental practice, with whom we share a reception.

There are 2 hour roadside parking spaces adjacent to the practice. It is a short walking distance of Andover town centre and the mainline train station, with various car parks and shopping close by including a multi storey.

Winchester (Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm) : Consultation and treatments are offered in a CQC monitored purpose-built clinic in the Lawrence House Practice. This is a relaxed and elegant setting guaranteed to put you at ease, with ample roadside parking and easy access.

Our charter - Consultations will be honest and impartial, if the results you seek would be better provided by other treatments or surgical means, the Doctor will advise you of this. - In the best interest of our patients, and in view of peer pressure and social media resulting in inappropriate cosmetic treatments to young or vulnerable people, Dr Denning requests that all patients seeking cosmetic enhancements be at least 21 years of age.

Of course, this does not apply to younger patients with scars and injuries who wish to seek advice, preferably with the support of their family.

- We do not have any time-bound inducements to purchase, there are no offers. Rest assured you will never be pressured into having or trying a treatment that may not be for you.

- Fees are well researched and reflective of the expertise of the person treating you.

- There is a modest consultation fee to ensure that the Doctor's time is covered, and will be deducted from the cost of treatment booked as a result of the consultation.

- While many clinics offer Free consultations, you will find this is unsustainable unless the patient is encouraged to have a treatment or buy a product each time.

- You will be offered a free review / follow up for each treatment. Thank you once again for viewing our profile.

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Silhouette Soft Thread Lift - Before and After Patient Review Video

Patient review: Silhouette Soft non-surgical thread face-lift. Treated by Dr. Aarti Denning.

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Melanie ★★★★★

I have been a long term sceptic of the treatment for wrinkles & fillers brigade, having witnessed many an appalling result. I feel that there is often a laisse faire attitude taken when embarking on matters which can (if not carefully administered) have dreadful and long lasting effects. Consequently (and after extensive research) when I finally decided that the awful frown lines between my eyebrows were becoming too deeply ingrained and needed softening, Dr Denning was the clear choice for me. She was calm and reassuring, and answered all of my questions in a confident and unhurried manner. She applied tiny amounts of muscle relaxer in a number of areas to achieve a very natural and soft result. When the effects became visible, the reaction from my husband was : Goodness you look fresh faced, did you sleep particularly well last night? Result!


Having just celebrated my 70th Birthday, I decided to consider a thread lift. I wanted to feel good about myself, and hopefully fresher faced. I had found Aarti about a year before, when I had Dermal Filler treatment... but only after a lot of research into her qualifications. I read a lot of accounts online of thread lifts gone wrong, but also favourable reviews regarding this treatment. I had two consultations with Aarti to discuss my concerns, and also to discuss what result I was hoping for. Aarti displayed a thorough knowledge, listened, and explained the procedure in great detail. I was also shown real patient results. I was totally satisfied with everything we discussed, and had no qualms to put my face in her hands. I have now had two threads inserted..... The procedure was pain free, and after treatment there was no bruising, and very little swelling. I did not even require pain relief, and that evening I went out to celebrate my new face. My skin was tighter, lifted around my jawline, and no sagging jowls. I felt great.....brighter, confident and extremely happy about myself, and so glad to have made the decision to have this treatment. I certainly would recommend Dr Aarti Denning to anyone considering this treatment. As for my friends, I do not need to recommend them....they have seen the results first hand. Thank you Aarti Lynn

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