Tracey Beesley

Tracey Beesley's fascination with skincare was born originally from her own sun-worshipping skin woes and more specifically her days living and working in Los Angeles.

California is where she became aware of the extensive aesthetics industry and the use of Cosmeceutical skincare products as a normal skincare regime. But her relentless search for products that really do deliver results led her and her husband David to set up a Cosmeceutical distribution business which has become highly successful.

Her business background in advertising, management and extensive skincare knowledge gleaned over the last eight years, has helped SkinBrands to find brands that resonate with today's beauty-savvy women.

Since bringing SkinCeuticals to the UK in 2003, Tracey and David have helped forge the cosmeceutical market in the UK. 

Should You Listen to Beauty Journalists?


Should You Listen to Beauty Journalists?

Misinformation scares people and deflects people from having treatments that could really make a difference. So, should you listen to beauty journalists?