Should You Trust Beauty Journalists?

Tracey Beesley
By Tracey Beesley

Tracey Beesley's fascination with skincare was born originally from her own sun-worshipping skin woes.

I attended a “speed dating type” event for journalists and bloggers recently. 

The whole idea is that we got 25 minutes in front of journalists to promote our products, and hopefully give your products a better chance of getting a real hearing in front of the journalist who is going to write about them, being able to pitch the story behind the brand and the science (which is the crux of any brand). 

It is quite frightening to talk to journalists who you assume know stuff, particularly when it’s their job to inform the average consumer about what is going on out there – what are the latest treatments, what works, what doesn’t, what products are out there, what do they do and how do they do it etc. 

Therefore I nearly fell off my chair when 90% of the journalists did not know what cosmeceuticals were, did not “get” the importance of them or indeed had no understanding of what constitutes good skin. 

Events for journalists and bloggers

Some of the self-anointed make-up artists frankly could not have been make-up artists. How can you be a make-up artist and have 'bad skin' and not even have the most basic of skincare knowledge? Make-up can only enhance great skin – it should not “mask” what you have. If you have a problem with your skin – get it treated! 

Many of these journalists seemed to be more interested in nail products and sparkles! 

It makes our jobs – all of our jobs so hard – how can we promote what we do to an audience of consumers who are either a) not informed or b) misinformed? 

One journalist after, having spent 25 minutes with her talking about mineral make-up, growth factors, products for redness etc. said she would “try and slot it in if she could find an angle or story”. My colleague and I immediately bombarded her with “stories”, including talking about the change in the market, why women are demanding treatments and products that actually do something and are looking for treatments to treat real skin issues. 

Blimey what an eye opener!

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