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"Making people feel valued"

At Charlie Oscar, we believe the workplace should be an environment that is good for our health.

A place where we can thrive and feel part of a community, a place where we can achieve our potential and feel supported and valued.

We want to make the workplace a kinder and healthier environment, which positively influences our long-term health. Committed to raising awareness of mental health and promoting a culture where wellness is part of the job.

Raising awareness is not just good for the health of your employees; It’s good for the health of your business. 

Poor mental health is often linked to poor physical health and vice versa. The resulting absenteeism is a measurable cost within an organisation, collectively costing our UK economy billions of pounds annually. But presentism (sickness in presence) could cost you far more with disengaged, demotivated employees, resulting in low productivity and impacting the entire business culture.

Charlie Oscar delivers training in First Aid for Mental Health, helping reduce stigma and create happier, healthier communities.

Our first aid for mental health courses are recognised national qualifications, accredited by ofqual within the regulated qualifications framework (RQF).

Once completed, your employees will have the skills and knowledge needed to identify those who may be experiencing mental health concerns.

What we do

The aims of the First Aid for Mental Health qualifications form part of the broader conversation and awareness around support for mental health by:

  • Starting the conversation around mental health
  • Spotting the early warning signs of reduced mental health
  • Supporting colleagues with their mental health
  • Raising awareness and reducing the stigma of poor mental health
  • Signposting for early intervention
  • Creating a positive culture and supportive community
our training courses

Our training supports your duty of care through Health and Safety policies, employee welfare, compliance, and appraisal systems. But more than that, it demonstrates your commitment as an ethical employer to prioritise mental health and wellness. 

By providing impactful, meaningful training with measurable business outcomes, you can.  

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Attract and retain talented, motivated staff
  • Establish healthier lifestyle and workplace habits
  • Create a community for employees to thrive

Our Courses

  • Level 1 Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health
  • Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health
  • Level 3 Supervising First Aid for Mental Health
  • CPD-accredited courses and bespoke training




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Improve You and Your Staff's Mental Well-Being