Logically Adding New Products - and Strategies to Sell Them

Ron Myers
By Ron Myers

As an Aesthetic Business Coach and Mentor, Ron helps aesthetic clinics and suppliers to maximise their profits.

If you attend trade shows such as FACE or CCR EXPO, you will see a plethora of treatments and services all claiming to make your business a small fortune. It’s easy to make financial mistakes by jumping into the “next big thing”, that turns out to be not as big as you thought it would be! Taking enough time to think long and hard about what “your concept” is and whether you are adding to it or detracting from it when you add new services is something that many clinics don’t do. This means that you can end up with a long list of diverse treatments and an un-coordinated approach to marketing that confuses your staff and doesn’t drive profits forward in the way that you’d hoped. This session is an interactive one reviewing our approach to building a medical aesthetic clinic, and some of the hard lessons that we’ve learnt along the way that have helped us refine our treatment menu and become more profitable.

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