Free Call Handling and CRM Training For Aesthetic Clinics

Craig Lowe
By Craig Lowe

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How effective is your receptionist at persuading potential clients to book a consultation?
With the correct call-handling and CRM training your front-of-house staff or receptionist could easily convert more initial enquiry calls into consultations and increase your clinic’s or salon’s turnover by thousands of pounds each year.
Missed or poorly handled telephone enquiries cost your business thousands of pounds a year and waste thousands more you spend on marketing and advertising to attract those calls in the first place. 
Your receptionist is the very first person that a potential new customer will speak to when they contact you to enquire about your services. It’s their primary task to quickly establish a rapport, handle the call professionally and effectively and guide the potential client into booking an initial consultation with you, rather than your local competition.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised how many clinics get it so very wrong.
The Consulting Room team - alongside working with hundreds of other clinics to develop their businesses - have over 13 years of experience in running their own medical-led aesthetic clinic and have mystery-shopped hundreds of clinics and run numerous training courses specifically for reception staff working in aesthetic clinics and salons.
However, despite that, we are still finding that when we phone clinics to evaluate their reception staff the majority of calls are still not handled well!
This unique (you won’t find a comparable course anywhere...we’ve looked), online, comprehensive, professional and certificated courses can rectify that quickly and effectively. 
The course takes 2.5 hours to complete and is broken down into modules of 10-15 minutes that can be done over several days. The modules identify common mistakes that are often made and take the trainee through the process of eliminating these mistakes and adopting a ‘best-practice, protocol for all calls taken.

When you consider that professional telephone courses tailored to the aesthetic market are very rare and would probably cost several hundred pounds per participant (ours is for an unlimited number of receptionists) and that every phone call to an aesthetic practice could be worth thousands of pounds in repeat business during the lifetime of a client, this free course is a definite ‘must have’ for any clinics who want to maximise their hard-earned leads by highlighting areas of call-handling under-performance and rectifying them - potentially saving you thousands in future lost revenue. 

The modules are: 
• Module 1: Importance of Reception and Your Role
• Module 2: Preparing for Receiving Phone Calls and Handling Clients
• Module 3: Making a Good First Impression and Building Rapport
• Module 4: Making Yourself Heard, Speaking Clearly with Proper Tone & Positive Speech
• Module 5: Effective Listening & Dealing with Complaints
• Module 6: Good on Hold and Call Transferring Skills
• Module 7: Caller Types and Their Importance
• Module 8: Booking a Consultation: Credentialing and Dealing with Price Enquiries
• Module 9: Upselling and Monitoring Performance
• Module 10: Mystery Shopping Examples 
This is an ideal course for every clinic that wants to increase its profits and best of all?
It's absolutely FREE for Consulting Room Members! You can access this, and all of our other online courses via your Members Dashboard.
Not a Member? Being part of Consulting Room offers exclusive member benefits, including discounted services, advice and business supportlead generation and an opportunity to boost the profile, success and profits of your aesthetic business.
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