Fed up of Unsightly Skin Tags? Try Smartxide Dot

Dr Tracy Mountford
By Dr Tracy Mountford

Dr Mountford MBBS MBCAM qualified in London in 1985, where she initially worked as an anaesthetist before training as a cosmetic medical practitioner.

Skin tags are benign, or harmless, growths of skin which are attached to the body by a peduncle or stalk. These are usually benign, and harmless, and will not usually change into cancerous lesions over time.

These are commonly found in areas where the skin creases such as in the neckline, underarm, groin, under the breast as well as the crease in the eyelids. They often appear later on in life and tend to grow in clusters which can be unsightly and potentially embarrassing to individuals.

Skin tags are frequently found in individuals who are overweight, pregnant or suffer from diabetes.

Most patients complain that these skin tags get cut whilst shaving, catch on jewellery or become aggravated by clothing or chaffing which subsequently makes the area sore and occasionally infected.

We can now remove this using the revolutionary new SmartXide Dot CO2 fractional laser.
The procedure is quick, painless and doesn’t involve a scalpel and hence leaves minimal scarring. A light dressing will be applied to the area and you will be able to resume normal duties after your procedure.

If the lesion appears suspicious your surgeon will advise that the tissue be sent for histological diagnosis in order to determine the exact tissue type.
How to remove skintags and growths

If you want to read more, the experts at Consulting Room really know what they're talking about and have put together some Skin tags and benign growths, fractional laser and scarring FAQs just for you. 

If you have more questions, you can use the Skin tags and benign growths, fractional laser and scarring questions feature to talk to our panel of trained medical experts. 

If you're keen to get started with any of these treatments right away then you're in luck - those clever folks also have a list of trusted, accredited Skin tags and benign growths, fractional laser and scarring clinics in your area.

Thanks to the author of this blog Dr Mountford MBBS MBCAM.

After training as a Cosmetic Medical Practitioner, she became the founder and Medical Director of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic with practices in both London Devonshire Place and Buckinghamshire.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is a multi-award winning clinic as well as having won, for 6 consecutive years, ‘No1 Coolsculpting Clinic Of Excellence – Western Europe’ & the No1 clinic in Europe for Ultherapy Ultra Premier Treatment Provider for the 5th consecutive year.

Thanks to the author

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