Dr Chris Blatchley

Chris originally trained in Cambridge and London. He started The London Migraine Clinic 7 years ago to research improved ways of treating migraines. Botox had recently been registered as a treatment for migraines, though at that time there was no complete understanding of how it produces its effect.

Since starting the clinic he has been researching both how it works and improved protocols on how to inject it to keep the costs down. He works with neurologists who specialise in migraines and headaches and is a member of the Oxford Headache Symposium and the Anglo-Dutch Migraine Association and has lectured and written articles both on how Botox works and how to use this knowledge to improve injection techniques for a better outcome.

He is avid about exploring improved methods of reducing the enormous suffering that migraines can bring and recently he has started to research Daith Piercings for migraines. He is now pleased to be the first specialist migraine clinic to offer Daith piercings under medically controlled conditions.

Should Save Face Regulate the Aesthetics Profession?


Should Save Face Regulate the Aesthetics Profession?

there is a voice that is fighting to protect both the public and trained aesthetic professionals from the untrained `cowboy` injectors.