How many times in a row?

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Question: How many times in a row?

Hello! I just did a treatment with Princess filler and the beautician injected the filler all over the face. Now I have this kind of pimples everywhere. She said they will be absorbed in 2-3 days. Now reading the information on your site i am not sure this is true. Besides she said I need to do 5 treatments. Once per week. I am 50 and not very many rides. I am now really worried of what my face will look like. Can you please recommend me what to do? And how often this should be done?

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Director and manager Tracy Shepherd Regan

Indulgence Skin Laser and Beauty Clinic

1st March 2021

Answer: Hello, can you tell me when you had the treatment? It really depends on which of the Princess filler was used? Do you know which product in the range was used?
It sounds rather like they've used a meso type technique and there isn't anything in the Princess range that is designed to be used in that way.
I would suggest that this may need to be dissolved with Hyalase.
Princess is a discontinued brand made by Croma (their updated brand is called Saypha filler).
There is no product that would need to be injected on a weekly basis within the Princess range.
Could you confirm who the injector was (ideally name and business name)?
I'd be delighted to see you for a Zoom meeting so I can assess properly. Please let ne know if you would like to do this?

Kind regards
Tracy RN/NIP

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Vivienne Middleton on 31st May 2022

maybe you can help me to, have posted a question on your website.
the practioner has treated me well for many years. but this filler has caused nasty trauma to my skin. pustules in that area and
broken capillaries. Used princess gold. Denies the filler is the problem, but the trauma is over that precise area, can you help. best wished Vivienne

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