Product Summary

In 2014, well known cosmetic doctors, Dr. Samantha Gammell (Past-President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine) and Dr. Jacques Otto, as well as his son and aesthetic product distributor, Vernon Otto founded IntraVita Ltd. The company manufacture their own IV nutritional therapy products using a laboratory in Germany so that they can ensure that they provide the highest quality and safe vitamin and mineral supplements without preservatives. 

How does it work?

Intravenous or IV Nutritional Therapy using Intravita products delivers a specific cocktail of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream - intravenously through insertion of a cannula into a vein in your arm.

Intravita also offer single booster injections of certain key vitamins and minerals.

What do they claim to treat?

Intravita drips are aimed at improving the sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being and optimum health and wellness.

They are targeted to support the immune system, as an aid to anti-ageing, for energy enhancement and improved athletic performance as well as improvements in general health.

Licenced status

The UK’s MHRA has recently classified the Intravita products as supplements providing that no medical claim is made about them.

Should be used by

With several years of experience in the study and practice of intravenous nutritional therapy, both Dr Gammell and Dr Otto now teach and train medical practitioners (doctors, dentists, NIPs and nurses) and naturopaths/homeopaths (following proof of a three-year degree and a pre-requisite phlebotomy course) in its use.

Product range

IV Ultimate Classic Drip is the vitamin cocktail that started it all. It claims to have just the right mix of intravenous vitamins and minerals plus the added bonus of high dose glutathione for overall wellness. Patients report having increased energy, better sleep and increased endurance. The drip also includes vitamin C, vitamin B-12 (hydroxycobalamin), vitamin B5 (dexpanthenol), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), B complex, magnesium sulphate, calcium gluconate and selenium.

IV Anti-Ageing Drip
is formulated with high dose IV glutathione and a mix of nutrients to fight ageing, restore collagen and even the skin tone. The drip also includes vitamin C, vitamin B-12, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, B complex, magnesium sulphate, calcium gluconate, selenium, zinc, arginine, carnitine, cysteine, glutamine, glycine and proline.

IV Athlete/Sport Drip is designed for those who lead a sporty and active lifestyle. Containing high concentrations of all the energy boosting B vitamins and amino acids such as taurine, glutamine and carnitine this drip can provide sustainable energy lifts, for those in training, that avoid the short lift and sudden experienced with the use of energy drinks. The drip also includes vitamin C, magnesium sulphate, calcium gluconate and arginine.

IV Diet & Detox Drip is aimed at replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to reduce the body’s toxic load and help it to function for efficiently in terms of providing energy and burning off fat. The drip includes vitamin C, vitamin B-12, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, B complex, magnesium sulphate, calcium gluconate, selenium, zinc, glutathione, arginine, carnitine, glutamine, methionine, ornithine, phenylalanine and taurine.

IV Energy Boost Drip is designed as a healthy pick-me-up. It contains higher doses of all the B Vitamins, higher doses of magnesium, an essential component in helping the body to create energy for cells and the amino acid taurine. The drip also includes vitamin C, calcium gluconate, alanine, carnitine, glutamine, glycine and phenylalanine.

IV Immunity Drip is formulated to replenish vitamin, mineral and amino acid levels for those feeling prone to sickness and tiredness. It also includes high doses of vitamin C, zinc and anti-oxidants, such as glutathione, arginine and cysteine. The drip also includes vitamin B-12, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, B complex, magnesium sulphate, calcium gluconate, selenium, carnitine, glutamine and ornithine.

IV Stress & Anxiety Drip combines Intravita’s Ultimate Classic Drip with high dose of IV glutamine, carnitine and ornithine to aid balance in stressful situations, improve concentration and aid restorative sleep. The drip also includes vitamin C, vitamin B-12, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, B complex, magnesium sulphate, calcium gluconate, selenium, zinc, glutathione, cysteine, methionine and taurine.

IV B12 Drip is a single booster shot of vitamin B-12.

IV Antioxidant Drip is a single booster shot of glutathione.

Not to be used in

Pregnant or breast feeding women or the elderly.

Those with heart or kidney problems, shortness of breath, neurological conditions, uncontrolled diabetes, problems with blood clotting, those who have had a recent trauma (such as accident or illness), or are currently showing signs of fever or illness.

Duration of effects

Most people will feel well immediately after completion of their first IV therapy and go on to feel a sense of general wellness and increased energy for several days.

Reported side effects

Minor side effects from this treatment include bruising and tenderness at the needle insertion point, with potential for inflammation of the vein (thrombophlebitis) due to the cannulation. These should be temporary and normally resolve in two or three days.

Some people may feel a little faint or light headed immediately after treatment and need to wait before leaving the clinic.

Various complications can occur both during and after intravenous cannulation including pain, difficulty introducing the cannula, arterial puncture, blood clot formation, infection and necrosis. Rarely an allergic reaction could cause anaphylaxis.


The range starts from £150 for a Myers’ cocktail style product, up to £200 - £250 for their diet and detox product. They recommend providing a package of 6 drips for £1,000, based on one per week for four weeks, followed by one every two weeks or one a month after that. Maintenance sessions once per month may then be advised.

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