Eurosilicone Implants

Company Summary

Eurosilicone has been developing and manufacturing a large range of breast implants and tissue expanders since 1987. Their range provides cosmetic surgeons with an extensive choice of products for breast augmentation including reconstructive and aesthetic options for patients with a range of different requirements.

Eurosilicone’s breast implants are manufactured at their facility in France and each implant comes with a lifetime patient guarantee. Their products are available across Europe, Asia, Australasia and South America.

Global Consolidated Aesthetics (GC Aesthetics) which has over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing implants is the umbrella company for two leading implant manufacturers, Nagor and Eurosilicone.

All Eurosilicone implants are manufactured in full compliance with ISO and EU requirements and are CE certified according to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.


Implants Types and Sizes

Eurosilicone breast implants are available in a large range of heights, profiles and projections and with a smooth or textured surface of which there are two types available (Cristalline Microtextured and Cristalline Textured). The textured layer or shell is designed to lessen the risk of capsular contraction or hardening of the implant

The height of an implant refers to the size and shape of the implant as it sits against the chest wall. The profile and projection refer to how far the implant sits away from the body. In tear drop shapes implants, or contoured implants, the projection refers to the drop of the breast while in round implants the projection refers to how far forward the implant sits from the chest.

Eurosilicone breast implants are available in the UK in sizes ranging from 100cc to 800cc.



These implants incorporate a low permeability 360° barrier layer within the shell structure, referred to as Paragel, in order to suppress any gel bleeding or diffusion (please see diagram of the Paragel envelope below).

Eurosilicone Breast Implants Paragel Envelope Illustration


Silicone Breast Implants

All Eurosilicone breast implants are made with cohesive silicone gel, which ensures that the gel will not migrant in the event of the implant rupturing.

Eurosilicone’s brands include:


The Matrix by Eurosilicone

Matrix by Eurosilicone Breast ImplantsThe Matrix range of anatomical breast implants are made with Eurosilicone`s natural cohesive silicone gel with a 360 degree barrier layer that minimises the chance of gel diffusion. The Matrix range is available in a number of different heights and projections, 9 profiles and 102 configurations. The implants are also made with a Cristalline Textured shell.


Round Collection: Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants

Eurosilicone Round Breast ImplantsEurosilicone`s round collection of breast implants offer a large range of implanting options. The implants are available in a choice of smooth or textured shells (using the Cristalline Mircotextured shell) and a choice of soft cohesive or natural cohesive silicone gel, with the 360 degree barrier layer which minimises the chance of gel diffusion. The implants are available in 5 variable projections and 11 different profiles, offering up to 219 variations.

This breaks down as follows:

Natural Cohesive Design
3 projections with 59 configurations
Cristalline Microtextured shell
Natural Cohesive Gel

Soft Cohesive Design Textured shell
4 projections with 80 configurations
Cristalline Microtextured shell
Soft Cohesive Gel

Soft Cohesive Design Smooth Shell
4 projections with 80 configurations
Smooth shell
Soft Cohesive Gel

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