Hand piece size / measurement for LipoContrast®

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Question: Hand piece size / measurement for LipoContrast®


I wondered how big the area is that the treatment head covers ie what are the dimensions of the treated area?

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Aimee Piper

Vie Aesthetics

15th September 2021

Answer: Hello,

Thank you for your enquiry, We would love to help you with your concerns in regards to treatments in relation to LipoContrast.

We offer two non surgical treatments to help with weight loss & skin tightening & toning. Please see below links which will divert you to our website & explain both treatments.



We offer consultations here with the Doctor here at Vie Aesthetics with a clinic in Essex or London.

If you provide us with your name and contact details, a member of our team would be happy to contact you to discuss further.

Kind Regards,
Vie Aesthetics

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