Carboxytherapy by a Beauty therapist

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Question: Carboxytherapy by a Beauty therapist

Can a high tech beauty therapist with 30 years of experience perform this treatment?

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Miss Danielle Lowe

Consulting Room Test Clinic

12th April 2021

Answer: Carboxytherapy treatment requires the careful placement of needles to deliver specified doses of carbon dioxide gas within the correct layers of the skin. This is a specialised treatment and training is required to understand the mode of action and how to deliver the gas appropriately. Training is usually only available to medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, although some manufacturers and distributors of carboxytherapy devices will train Level 3 beauty therapists who have a minimum of six months experience with mesotherapy. Consulting Room, however, recommends that the public only seek treatment from medically-led clinics whose team include trained medical professionals who have a full understanding of anatomy and physiology and can manage any complications which may occur.

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