What are the best product for anti aging and blighting facial creams and regime.

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Question: What are the best product for anti aging and blighting facial creams and regime.

Looking for a youthful and brighter facial and hand cream

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Mrs Diane Nivern

The Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd

27th September 2022

Answer: An effective skincare regime which will slow down visible skin ageing, brighten dull or uneven skin tones and help to prevent new pigmentation irregularities should include a Vitamin C serum and broad spectrum (UVA/ UVB ) sunscreen EVERY DAY and a retinoid such as retinol, retinal aldehyde or for deeper repair a prescription of a retinoic acid product. The retionoids should be applied sparingly, starting with just twice a week at first and slowly increasing use to alternate nights if tolerated.

This combination inhibits the skin ageing process from exposure to all forms of light that darken skin and accelerate collagen loss causing wrinkling. Retinoids stimulate skin cell production, which slows with age and helps to regulate pigmentation production.

Facial skincare products can be applied to the hands - apply a drop of your Vitamin C Serum to the back of one hand then rub the backs f the hands together - allow to absorb then apply an SPF 50 - hand cream with spf is widely available.

If age spots are the main concern you can look for serums containing Tranexamic acid which reduces the distribution of pigment into the same concentrated patch over time.

Treatments to improve the appearance of ageing, mottled hands include skin peels containing lactic and or glycolic acid, low level LED light - such as Dermalux or Healite red and NIR light are also beneficial.
Injectable options include Profhilo and Ellanse to plump and smooth the skin: Ellanse is a long lasting option which stimulates collagen for thicker, smoother, younger looking hands

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