Is Sofwave™ Safe?

Sofwave™ is a safe treatment option for skin rejuvenation. 

The technology utilises focused ultrasound energy that precisely targets the mid-dermal tissue while bypassing the upper layer of the skin. This ensures minimal risk of damage to surrounding tissues, making it a safe and reliable choice. 

Patients can undergo the treatment with confidence, knowing that their well-being is prioritised throughout the procedure. With its non-invasive nature and controlled energy delivery, Sofwave™ offers a safe solution for individuals seeking effective and reliable skin rejuvenation.

Sofwave™ has demonstrated a strong safety profile, with no serious adverse events reported by study participants. One of the contributing factors to its safety is the integration of an advanced cooling mechanism known as Sofcool™. This mechanism protects the uppermost layer of the skin from the risk of burning, ensuring a comfortable and safe treatment experience.

In clinical studies, no device-related adverse events were reported, further emphasising the safety of Sofwave™. This data provides reassurance to individuals considering the treatment, as it highlights the rigorous testing and design considerations that have gone into making Sofwave™ a reliable and safe option for non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

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