Core Collection - ShieldUp™

Lindsay Tallant
Checked By Lindsay Tallant

ShieldUp vegan plant based

Supports healthy immune response and promotes maximum defence levels

  • Supports the immune system with 500mg of Vitamin C
  • Reduces stress with adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea root
  • Safely boosts energy levels with maca root and organic turmeric
  • Minimise inflammation with organic antioxidants
  • Vegan, plant-based
  • Suitable for women and men

Stress, pollution, low energy levels, and unhealthy habits can weaken your immune system and slow down its response mechanisms, meaning your body isn’t properly equipped to defend against whatever may come its way. 

For those days when you’re feeling run down and working on overdrive, we’ve got you covered. The ultimate supplement for a boost of healthy energy, this clean, clinical plant-based formulation contains powerful vitamins, organic antioxidants, and adaptogens for immune support and promotes optimal defence levels.


How to use:

Take two capsules daily, preferably in the morning, or as recommended by a physician.


Do I still need a multivitamin like TimeCapsule® with ShieldUp?

ShieldUp is the perfect complement to use alongside TimeCapsule®. ShieldUp™ works on creating a stronger immune and defence system by defending against pollution and stress, which can cause the body to feel weak and tired. It also has adaptogens to help ward off stress. 

TimeCapsule® is more of an all-over anti-ageing supplement that helps create the fundamentals necessary for healthy skin and a healthy body. TimeCapsule® is also chock-full of vitamins and minerals, which makes it the perfect replacement for your daily multivitamin.