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13th July 2021

Lip filler correction or surgery?

I had filler in lips over 7 years ago, i was a model and asked for Angelina Jolie lips.I totally regret ever asking for it.I am annoyed that they allowed me to do it,as my lips had so much filler in them to achieve this look.

Now, I am left with deformed lips, i have deep creases/lines on my top lip, that deep that the lines become sore and dry. No creams help. When i take a photo it really stands out to me .If i take a photo from underneath my top lip looks bigger than bottom lip.

I still want my lips to look slightly bigger than my own, but i just want to get rid of the deep lines.

I dont know if a dissolve is needed, or whether i need surgery to reduce the skin, the skin that may of been stretched so much, that i now have access skin? or whether it has somehow puckered my lip tissue to get these lines.Or whether to fill the lips in where there are lines and get the bottom lip filled out a bit more to match the top lip.

Obviously i need an honest answer, not an answer that is motivated around someone making more money out of me, i would like to pay as little as possible without having to pay too much.

Some advice would be appreciated.

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