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The Art of Natural Hair Restoration

The decision to have hair transplant surgery will be truly life-changing

The next most important decision you will make is choosing a surgeon who expertly combines artistic flair with surgical precision to create a natural look that is tailored to compliment your age, hair type and face shape.

Our Medical Director, Mr Christopher D’Souza is one of the UK’s most respected hair transplant surgeons and advocate of the Art of Natural Hair Restoration.

He is President of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) and chair of the Oral Examination Committee for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)

Working with his team, Mr D’Souza has treated thousands of patients with male pattern hair loss, always leaving them with natural looking hair and a greater sense of self and wellbeing.

We are a surgeon-led clinic specialising in hair transplant surgery based in the Harley Street Medical Area, London

Specialising in hair transplant surgery, our clinic was set up to provide the very best level of care and treatment in London. We are at the forefront of a new generation of hair transplant clinics that are owned and operated by the specialists who perform the surgery.

Instilling this level of medical expertise throughout all levels of our practice leads to better surgical outcomes, improved standards of patient care and higher levels of satisfaction for our patients.

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  • 24hr Emergency Contact
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Placing Grafts Hair Transplant Surgery

Few grafts being placed with forceps - FYI methylene blue can be used before placing grafts to highlight the incisions.

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The DSouza Clinic Reviews

Here's what our clients have to say...

Yifan Zheng ★★★★★

**12 Months update: Happy with the results one year on. Chris was always on hand to respond to questions directly throughout the post-op period. I would absolutely recommend his clinic. You'll be in good hands! *6 Months update: Good progress coming along, happy with growth, the review stands. Will update again at 12 months. After having consultations with various other clinics, The D’Souza Clinic was the only one that stood out to me. My initial consultation wasn’t with a patient advisor with the surgeon popping in for a few minutes and disappearing again, there was no talk of special offers or discounts, just an honest and frank discussion with the actual surgeon himself. Chris’ approach didn’t feel mass-market; everything really was bespoke and tailored. He even made time on a day he normally wouldn’t do consultations to accommodate my schedule and contacted me personally while his PA was away. During consultation Chris didn’t try to sell me a dream and managed expectations realistically. We went over what I wanted to achieve and what he could offer me with examples of his work. He was honest and transparent about his prior experience, qualifications and limitations of hair restoration surgery. I quickly realised I wasn’t talking to a salesman, these were all the markings of someone who seriously knew what they were doing with an incredible depth of knowledge and a true leader in the field that wanted to do right by his patients. In the weeks following the initial consultation it was easy to arrange a follow up appointment through Emily where Chris was more than happy to answer additional questions I had. The actual day of the procedure went very smoothly, I had read online the initial anaesthetic injections were “incredibly painful” and braced myself for such, however in Chris’ hands it was honestly about a 2/10 in pain, I even remember blurting out “wait was that it?”. Once everything was numb it felt like sitting on a long haul flight, the team made sure I remained comfortable at all times and there was TV to keep me entertained throughout the day. All of the anaesthetic, incisions and excisions were personally done by Chris with the surgical team assisting on graft implantation. Lunch was provided and I was able order what I wanted to eat, even a taxi home was arranged for me. I was given an aftercare package to take home with detailed instructions; Chris was personally reachable through text and always responded promptly to questions. Now 2 weeks on, I haven’t started the shedding phase yet but if the final result looks like it does now, just longer, then it has already exceeded my expectations, so I have no doubt I will be pleased at 6 months. Finally, I just want to give a huge thank you to Chris and the rest of the team, Alison, Jess, Georgi and Emily for all of your expertise, skill and dedication to patient well-being. I would absolutely recommend The D’Souza Clinic to anyone considering hair restoration.

November 6, 2023 | London
David Jack ★★★★★

I had the best experience with Dr. Chris and his team. Not only was the procedure painless and easy, but the results are extremely natural. Aftercare is concise and simple to follow. I have since recommended many people to this clinic.

October 9, 2023 | London

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The DSouza Clinic, 8 Upper Wimpole Steet, London, W1G 6LH

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The DSouza Clinic Staff

Mr Christopher D'Souza

Hair Transplant Surgeon & Medical Director

Mr Christopher D’Souza is an award-winning hair transplant surgeon, with extensive experience in Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Robotic Hair Transplantation, ARTAS. [More Info]