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Riverbanks Clinic is conveniently located in East Hyde.

Here you can find out which treatments and products Riverbanks Clinic offers and which conditions their qualified staff can treat.

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Riverbanks Clinic widely considered a centre of excellence in aesthetic medicine often conducting clinical studies to help advance treatments safely for our patients. Our team of doctors are experts in their own sub specialities, led by the internationally renown Dr Ravi Jain.They are supported by a team of skin therapists specifically trained by the medical team to ensure that they deliver high standards in advanced face, skin & body treatments under the guidance of the doctors. We specialise in full facial aesthetic treatments as well as body contouring treatments to slim the silhouette and trim out any bulges. We also have treatments for common skin conditions such as hyper pigmentation and acne. We are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission as an Independent Day Hospital and this supersedes any other regulatory body for healthcare.

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Welcome to Riverbanks Clinic

Riverbanks Clinic is a multi award winning medical cosmetic clinic specialising in non-surgical cosmetic treatments by specialist doctors. We are based in East Hyde, just outside Harpenden. Established 2006.

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Riverbanks Clinic Reviews

Here's what our clients have to say...

Stephen Davis ★★★★★

Having read the comments on the treatment I was expecting it to be a painful process... In fact it was not at all painful nor uncomfortable. Then I should have expected that. I should have known that Riverbanks would be using the most up-to-date equipment that has solved those earlier problems. As usual staff and doctors were informative, reassuring and brilliant.

October 1, 2015 | St. Albans
Lynn PRICHARD No atings

I had a consultation today at Riverbanks, I found the staff,infirmation and the surroundings exerlent. I would reccomend anybody who's not sure about the treatment they feel they would like to go and have a chat with them. I came out with good information and confidence in the staff.

August 28, 2015 | Luton

Riverbanks Clinic are rated an average of 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
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Directions to Riverbanks Clinic

Distance: 4.3km. Time: 0:06.

1. Start on High Street (A1081) 500m
2. Turn right onto Sun Lane 700m
3. Turn left onto Westfield Road 1000m
4. At the end of the road turn left onto Lower Luton Road (B653) 2.1km
5. Reach Riverbanks Clinic 

Distance: 8.9km. Time: 0:12.

1. Start on Connaught Road 600m
2. Turn left onto Churchill Road 180m
3. Turn right onto Dunstable Road (A505) 800m
4. Turn right onto Leagrave Road (A505) 120m
5. Slight left onto Dunstable Road (A505) 600m
6. At roundabout take 2nd exit onto Dunstable Road (A505) 50m
7. Exit roundabout onto Dunstable Road (A505) 190m
8. Continue on Stuart Street (A505) 400m
9. Continue on Chapel Viaduct (A505) 200m
10. At roundabout take 2nd exit onto Park Viaduct (A505) 70m
11. Exit roundabout onto Park Viaduct (A505) 600m
12. At roundabout take 3rd exit onto A505 170m
13. Exit roundabout onto A505 400m
14. Slight right onto Windmill Road (B653) 150m
15. Slight left onto Gipsy Lane (B653) 600m
16. At roundabout take 1st exit onto B653 10m
17. Exit roundabout onto B653 40m
18. At roundabout take 2nd exit onto Lower Harpenden Road (B653) 30m
19. Exit roundabout onto Lower Harpenden Road (B653) 3.6km
20. Reach Riverbanks Clinic 

Distance: 12km. Time: 0:15.

1. Start on St Peter's Street (A1081) 200m
2. At roundabout take 2nd exit onto St Peter's Street (A1081) 20m
3. Exit roundabout onto St Peter's Street (A1081) 400m
4. Slight left onto Harpenden Road (A1081) 4.4km
5. Continue on St Albans Road (A1081) 1100m
6. At roundabout take 2nd exit onto St Albans Road (A1081) 30m
7. Exit roundabout onto St Albans Road (A1081) 900m
8. At roundabout take 2nd exit onto St Albans Road (A1081) 10m
9. Exit roundabout onto St Albans Road (A1081) 200m
10. Continue on High Street (A1081) 500m
11. Turn right onto Sun Lane 700m
12. Turn left onto Westfield Road 1000m
13. At the end of the road turn left onto Lower Luton Road (B653) 2.1km
14. Reach Riverbanks Clinic

Riverbanks Clinic Staff

Dr Ravi Jain Photo

Dr Ravi Jain

Owner and lead doctor at Riverbanks Clinic [More Info]