Why should I get 3D Lipo?

What type of treaments can I recieve? 1. Cavitation (Fat Melting) - Cellulite is eliminated  and fat is transformed into a liquid state and drained from the lymphatic system 2. Radiofrequency (Skin Tightening) - Radiofrequency is used in combination with low frequency ultrasound to tighten the skin  3. Cryopolisis (Fat freezing) - Eliminates fat cells by freezing them, without damage to your skin 4. Cryofuse (PPC infusion) - supports the breaking down of fat within the body by decreasing the size of the fat cells. Why should I get 3D Lipo? 3D Lipo is the latest fat removal method for many celebrities and has been raved about by people such as Amy Childs, Leah Hardy, Collen Rooney and Alexandra Burke. Whilst they also have sleeker silhouettes, they have openly expressed their new found confidence.  If you have a specific area you are uncomfortable with and it is ruining your confidence, this treatment is perfect for you. It is pain-free, quick and easy and done by our confidential, friendly and experienced medical therapists.  

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