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Envie - Manchester is conveniently located in Manchester.

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Laser hair removal treatment in our salons is performed by professionals. Your comfort comes first. Before, during and after the treatment, we surround you with care. We use certified lasers which are qualified as medical devices, which is the best quality guarantee, confirmed by safety standards. The combination of our staff's knowledge and skills combined with the capabilities of the state of the art equipment that we use allows us to efficiently achieve the optimal effect of hair removal

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Laser hair removal treatment is the most comfortable method to get rid of the unwanted hair and - additionally - can boost your confidence

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Mihaela Stanescu ★★★★★

Alina is amazing, I trully recommend her. She is very proffesional and friendly, she not only made me feel very comfortable from the moment I got there, but she told me everything about laser hair removal and answered all my questions with patience, as I didn't know anything at that time about this procedure. Also, I am so pleased with the results and very happy I took this decision. I had no more worries of this kind on vacation this year :D

Carmen Hales ★★★★★

Very pleased with the results even after only 3 sessions. Alina is very professional and she provided lots of information in response to some of my questions and made me feel very confortable even whilst "exposing" myself for the treatment. It wasn't just a treatment but also an information gathering moment which made the experience more interesting and made me look forward to every next session. I will be enjoying the smooth skin once I had all the sessions but I will be missing visiting the place.

August 2, 2022 | Manchester

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Envie - Manchester Address

Envie - Manchester, 64 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BN

Directions to Envie - Manchester

Distance: 5.2km. Time: 0:11.

1. Start on Kirkmanshulme Lane (A6010) 160m
2. Take the sliproad on the right towards Kirkmanshulme Road 50m
3. Turn right onto Stockport Road (A6) 140m
4. Turn left onto Plymouth Grove (A5184) 1.7km
5. Merge left onto Upper Brook Street (A34) 800m
6. Turn left onto Grosvenor Street (A34) 200m
7. At the end of the road turn right onto Oxford Road (B5117) 400m
8. Continue on Oxford Street 500m
9. Continue on Peter Street (A34) 400m
10. Continue on Quay Street (A34) 300m
11. Turn right onto Young Street 70m
12. At the end of the road turn right onto Gartside Street 300m
13. Turn right onto Bridge Street (A34) 200m
14. Turn right onto unnamed road 10m
15. Reach Envie - Manchester

Distance: 6.6km. Time: 0:13.

1. Start on unnamed road 40m
2. Turn left onto unnamed road 300m
3. At the end of the road turn left onto Whitworth Street 80m
4. Turn right onto Odell Street 50m
5. Turn left onto Ashton Old Road (A635) 1.9km
6. Slight right onto Pin Mill Brow (A665) 200m
7. Continue on Great Ancoats Street (A665) 120m
8. At the fork turn left onto Great Ancoats Street (A665) 1200m
9. Continue on Swan Street (A665) 200m
10. At the fork turn left onto Swan Street (A665) 30m
11. Continue on Miller Street (A665) 300m
12. Continue on Cheetham Hill Road (A665) 200m
13. Take the sliproad on the left towards Trinity Way (A34) 400m
14. Slight left onto New Bridge Street 170m
15. At the end of the road turn right onto Greengate 30m
16. Turn left onto Gravel Lane 300m
17. At the end of the road turn left onto Blackfriars Road (A6041) 60m
18. Turn right onto Chapel Street (A6) 400m
19. Turn left onto New Bailey Street (A34) 200m
20. Continue on Bridge Street West (A34) 300m
21. Turn right onto unnamed road 10m
22. Reach Envie - Manchester

Distance: 3.2km. Time: 0:07.

1. Start on unnamed road 50m
2. Turn left onto unnamed road 130m
3. At the end of the road turn left onto Heywood Way 60m
4. At roundabout take 2nd exit onto Churchill Way 80m
5. Exit roundabout onto Churchill Way 600m
6. At roundabout take 1st exit onto Cross Lane 20m
7. Exit roundabout onto Cross Lane 170m
8. At the end of the road turn right onto Broad Street (A6) 100m
9. Continue on Crescent (A6) 800m
10. Continue on Chapel Street (A6) 600m
11. Turn right onto New Bailey Street (A34) 200m
12. Continue on Bridge Street West (A34) 300m
13. Turn right onto unnamed road 10m
14. Reach Envie - Manchester

Envie - Manchester Staff

Mrs Micha Tassan Photo

Mrs Micha Tassan

Head of Operations U.K

Micha Tassin is our Head of Operations U.K [More Info]