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Dr Rozina Ali is conveniently located in London.

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Dr Rozina Ali is a highly qualified, fully accredited consultant reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon (FRCS Plast), with a specialist interest in all aspects of breast reconstruction and aesthetics. She has developed a huge passion for advanced facial aesthetics using surgical and non-surgical modalities.

Her USP is the sophisticated and expert use of fat transfer and the stem cell components to offer state-of-the-art regenerative aesthetics.

She is an approachable and honest surgeon, whose aim is to understand the needs of her clients, build worthwhile relationships and guide her clients with care and compassion. Miss Ali relishes her expertise and skill in breast reconstruction and undertakes all aspects of breast rejuvenation and aesthetics. She describes breast surgery as “3-D sculpting of tissues that move.”

She is equally passionate about facial aesthetic surgery, especially the judicious and timely use of non-surgical rejuvenation. “I support the use of multiple, complementery, non-surgical treatments to enhance the quality and appearance of the face” Miss Ali’s goal is to offer the very best knowledge, skills and technology to guide clients to make informed decisions for themselves.

I practice innovative and skilled surgery in order to add real value to the lives of patients.

Rozina Ali is privileged to have been at the forefront of perforator flap surgery and has now established herself as a pioneer of fat transfer techniques. She is at the cutting edge of combining aesthetic excellence with state-of-the-art technology to refine the role of regenerative aesthetics.

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Hattie Butler ★★★★★

‘i had always wondered if a surgical treatment might help return some of my lost confidence about my body image. It’s not like I have always had a desire for big breasts just for the sake of it, but I have always thought just a small increase would have an immeasurably positive impact on how I see myself when I look in the mirror. I have flirted with the idea of reaching out to a specialist for some time and follow several on social media. I was drawn to Rozina, by her obvious commitment to the wellbeing focus of her aesthetics practice and felt she intuitively would understand my approaching her was not about vanity, but about me wanting to find increased confidence in my post-nursing years. I was obviously still nervous as I approached my initial consultation, but rozina put me at ease straight away with her honest and open approach. I guessi just thought a potential surgeon would sit me down and simply ask so, how big do you want them?’ rozina, however, spent time getting to know me, sensitively understanding my state of mind and personal wellbeing before chatting through all the potential ways she could help me address the things that were having a negative impact on my day to day life. Rozina shared photos to help me visualise what could be achieved and talked through in great detail how every step of the procedure would work; From pre op consultation to aftercare. I realised very quickly that our first meeting was just as much for me to interview her To get comfortable with my future potential surgeon and ask all the questions I had ever wanted to know about a life changing treatment. Rozina put absolutely no pressure on me, whilst making it very clear she would be here for me every step of the way, whatever I choose to do next

July 3, 2024 | London

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Dr Rozina Ali, King Edward VII Hospital, 5 -10 Beaumont Street, London, W1G 6AA

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Dr Rozina Ali is a highly qualified, fully accredited consultant reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon, with a specialist interest in all aspects of breast reconstruction and aesthetics [More Info]