Freeze The Fat For Summer | Reference: Consultingroom741

Offer Ends: 31-05-2019

Book a complimentary Coolsculpting consultation with one of our Aestheticians.

Save £500.00 if you book two or more cycles after the consultation 


To book please call 0207 201 8595 or email and quote CRF19

Hydra Facials | Reference: Consultingroom740

Offer Ends: 31-05-2019

Book a Hydrafacial now and recieve a complimentary upgrade to include an LED Express facial 

Vaild Monday - Sunday subject to availability 

To book please call 0207 201 8595 or email and quote: CR19

Skin Care Saturday | Reference: Consultingroom739

Offer Ends: 04-05-2019

New Skin Care Treatment Offer 

25% Discount on new treatments for one day only on Saturday 4th May.



Cliniccare AHA/BHA Peels

Pure Peel for acne prone skin

Glow Peel for pigmentation prone skin

Refresh Peel for lifting and tightening fine lines and facial rejuvenation 

Normal Price:£45 each Offer price: £33.75


Cliniccare Instant Painless Peel with Deep cleanse and sheet mask

Normally £30 Offer price:£22.50


Cliniccare Ceremide Face mask and deep cleanse for dry, sensitive skin, for deep hydration

Normally £20 Offer Price £15


Cliniccare Gel Vitamin C Brightening Mask with deep cleanse

Normally £20 Offer price £15


Cliniccare Skinbooster treatment (non injectable) with deep cleanse and sheet mask for deep hydration

Normally £30 Offer price £22.50


Cliniccare Mesotherapy

Glow for pigmentation 

Refresh for Fine Lines 

Pure for acne prone skin

all include deep cleanse and sheet mask

Normally £70 Offer price £52.50


Skin assessment required prior to treatment

Please message for more details/book 

Appointments for this offer only apply for Saturday 4th May,

Times: 10am to 4pm 

Dermal Fillers 20% Discount | Reference: Consultingroom738

Offer Ends: 27-04-2019

For a limited period we are offering 20% discount on all dermal filler treatments for:

Lip Enhancement 

Tear Trough Rejuvenation 

Chin Enhancement

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty 

Nose to Mouth Lines (Nasolabial)

Mouth to Chin Lines (Marionette)

Cheek Enhancement

Jawline Enhancement 

Normally: £220 1ml extra 1ml syringes £185 each

Discounted price: £176 1ml additional 1ml syringes £148

Consultation required to assess suitability.

£30 deposit required to secure appointment, message for details


10% Off All Facial Aesthetic Treatments | Reference: Consultingroom737

Offer Ends: 31-05-2019

10% off all facial aesthetic treatments. Take advantage of our introductory offer!

Chemical Peel And Dermaplaning | Reference: Consultingroom733

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

Buy a chemical peel for £60 and receive dermaplaning FREE.  This is a huge saving of £35

Dermaplaning and chemical peels are effective apart, however  they work synergistically together.   Dermaplaning removes the dead skin cells which then enables the acid solution to reach deeper levels of the dermis, the chemical solution in a combination treatment is left on the skin for a shorter period of time than it is during a chemical peel alone however produces better results.  

Up To 50% Off Laser Hair Removal | Reference: Consultingroom732

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

Save up to 50% on Laser Hair Removal Courses! 


Up To 50% Off Laser Hair Removal | Reference: Consultingroom731

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

Save up to 50% on our amazing Laser Hair Removal packages

Up To 50% Off Laser Hair Removal | Reference: Consultingroom730

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

Save up to 50% off on our specialist Laser Hair Removal courses!

.5ml Juvedeerm Lip Filler | Reference: Consultingroom729

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

Get those lips puckered up and ready for spring. For the month of April lip fillers have been reduced from £160 to £145. A full consultation will be needed  prior to treatment. 

Introductory Offer For New Collagen Boosting Facial | Reference: Consultingroom728

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

NEW Growth Factor Facial: £95 for the month of April (usual price is £140)

A Perfect treatment for skin with visible signs of stress, ageing and sun-damage and is ideal if you’re looking for a radiant, smoother complexion. This is an invigorating and intense collagen boosting facial which stimulates collagen production in three ways to physically and visibly rejuvenate ageing skin:

  1. Endocare growth factor technologies
  2. Micro-needling skin surface renewal
  3. Lift & sculpt massage

Visible results are seen after one treatment, with ultimate rejuvenation resulats following a course of only three treatments completed within just one month.

Introductory Offer For Hydrafacial | Reference: Consultingroom727

Offer Ends: 01-06-2019

As an introductory offer we are giving clients a chance to try the 6 in 1 HydraFacial skin health for life treatment for just £99!

The HydaFacial treatment includes:

  • Lymphatic drainage - speeds up the bodies waste disposal system & improves puffiness
  • Deep cleanse & exfoliation - removes surface layers of dead skin to enable penetration of key ingredients
  • Light glycolic peel - brightens skin and softens pores
  • Extractions - purges out blackheads and congestions (which you can see at the end of the treatment)
  • Antioxidant, peptide & hydration infusion - deeply infused into the skin for instant and long term hydration
  • LED lights - (red light) to stimulate collagen production or (blue light) reduce acne producing bacteria

You will also receive a free of charge consultation with the skin expert to talk through your skin concerns to make sure the treatment is made bespoke to your unique skin type.

Offer valid for May only.

Spring Offer | Reference: Consultingroom717

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

Dermal Fillers from £199

As we age there are many changes within the face leading to changes we see when we look in the mirror.

The range of fillers I use at Skin Enhance Clinic allows me to provide structure, volume, lift and hydration where it is needed

Terms and conditions apply.

30% Off Plasma Non-surgical Eye Lid Lift | Eye Bag Reduction | Wrinkle Smoothing | Reference: Consultingroom716

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

30% Discount on our Plasma Beamwave non surgical Eye Lid Lift | Eye Bag Reduction | Wrinkle Smoothing

Plasma sublimation is a non invasive treatment to tighten excess skin. 

Typical areas for treatment are to lift wrinkled, hooded eye lids, smooth under eye bags, smooth and tighten crow's feet wrinkles, upper lip wrinkles (smoker's lip lines) and neck lines.

Discounted treatments available with our experienced Nurse Practitioner, Michelle in April.

Usual Fees |  Upper or Under Eye Areas £350  -        Special Offer £245

Usual Fees |  Upper AND Under Eye Areas £550 -     Special Offer £385

Usual Fees | Upper Lip | Neck Lines / Throat  £350 |  Special Offer £245

Call us to arrange your Free consultation or Book your Consultation online from our website - Quoting this offer when calling

(T&C's apply ; Free Pre treatment consultation required | Non refundable booking fee of £50 at time of treatment booking required | Treatments must be taken in April 2019 Discount applies to treatments with Nurse Michelle)


Introductory Offer | Reference: Consultingroom715

Offer Ends: 30-06-2019


Fusion Meso Pen Platinum Launch | Reference: Consultingroom714

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

New treatment launching this April!  10% off when booking treatments during April. We are upgrading our existing Fusion Meso Pen to the Platinum model. It's faster, more efficient and creates less down time following treatments.Next generation collagen stimulation and skin tightening available now.

Image Signature Facelift | Reference: Consultingroom702

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019




A cleanse, prep with degreaser, 4 layer gentle peel, an enhance and hydration, eye repair, lip plump and flawless finish

For dry/dehydrated and sensitive skin




New Patient Red Carpet Peel Offer | Reference: Consultingroom700

Offer Ends: 05-01-2020

*****NEW PATIENT OFFER***** HALF PRICE RED CARPET PEEL, NOW £50! Dull, lifeless, problem skin? Leave our clinic with a radiant glow, ideal before events for flawless skin. Created by world renown celebrity dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles. This gentle, superficial peel provides even tone, hydrated and glowing, smooth skin. Easily book online via our website

50% Off Glycolic Peels Course | Reference: Consultingroom666

Offer Ends: 30-04-2019

50% off Glycolic peels- a course of 4 for ONLY £120.

Free Perk Lip Or Eye Treatment With Every Medifacial Consultation! | Reference: Consultingroom629

Offer Ends: 30-06-2019

Do you really know your skin?

Visit the MediFacial Lounge in Mere Green to see the REAL condition of your skin with our Visia Consultation – just £29. We’ll look at everything from wrinkles, to brown and red spots, to pores, Acne, UV Damage and bacteria.

Based on the results, our skincare experts will recommend a plan to restore your skin to optimum condition. And what’s more, round off the experience with your choice of a free Perk™ Lip or Eye treatment (Saving £49!) to start making changes before you even leave!

Visit to purchase your voucher for £29 and start your journey towards skin health today!

T&C's apply; suitability for treatment will be assessed at consultation. 

Great Value Treatment Packages To Help You Spread The Cost Of Treatment! | Reference: Consultingroom562

Offer Ends: 18-10-2020

We offer a wide range of bespoke great value treatment packages linked to our unique payment plans that can help spread the cost over 6 or 12 months. These are available on most of our aesthetic treatments and we offer FREE consultations with one of our specialist practitioners (a non-refundable consultation fee is required when you book with our Doctor. A fee is required to book with our nurses, this is refunded if you proceed with treatment)

If you are interested in more details on course prices or pre-payment plans call us today and we will build you a flexible bespoke package to guarantee the best possible value and results in an easily manageable payment plan to suit your budget. 

For every treatment package we sell, we donate to B1G1, a charity which encourages businesses giving back to make a difference around the world. We believe that giving makes a positive impact on each and every life it touches and we integrate this approach into MediZen on a daily basis to create and share a sense of giving and caring - for each package sold we will donate to B1G1.

Terms and conditions apply: Each client will be assessed for treatment suitability in your consultation with one of our trained skincare experts.


Complimentary Visia Skin Anaylasis | Reference: Consultingroom554

Offer Ends: 30-04-2025

Come along for a free Skin consultation and Visia Scan in clinic

Free Consultations Available Worthing And Brighton | Reference: Consultingroom541

Offer Ends: 30-06-2019

Free consultations for anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers. An indepth medical history is taken to determine the best treatment option for you and all risks and complications explained. It is a no obligation appointment, so you can leave and have time to take in all the information provided. Please contact 07880996849 or email

Exclusive Free Treatment Information Guides | Reference: Consultingroom197

Offer Ends: 21-11-2022

Exclusive FREE Guides to provide you with a unique insight into buying Cosmetic Treatments that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet!
Our free series of guides giving you the real information that you need to know before you contact or visit any cosmetic clinic, or buy any anti-ageing cream hoping that it will work! We want to ensure that you don’t waste your money on buying cosmetic treatments that don’t give you the results that you expect, or visit unregulated clinics that may be cutting corners or offering sub-standard treatments and products that could make you look worse. Each guide provides a comprehensive overview to ensure that you really understand the ins and outs of buying different cosmetic treatments to ensure that you get the best possible results in the safest environment with people who care about you rather than just your money.
If you really want the whole story and, when you’re buying cosmetic treatments that have the potential to harm as well as do good, being fully informed is the only way that you can buy in confidence.

Free HydraFacial for all new injectable clients | Reference: Consultingroom17

Offer Ends: 14-11-2019

Free HydraFacial worth £110 for every new cosmetic injectable client.
T&Cs apply: Eligibility for treatment (including the free HydraFacial) follows a consultation with our Nurse or Doctor to obtain suitability. 

Free Underarm Laser Hair Removal When You Buy A Bikini Laser Hair Removal Package | Reference: Consultingroom15

Offer Ends: 13-06-2019

Did you know the best time to start thinking about laser hair removal is now!?

To help you on your way to being fuzz free by the summer we’re offering FREE underarm laser hair removal when you buy a course of bikini laser hair removal.

Prices for a course of bikini hair removal start at £450.

T&Cs apply: Eligibility for treatment follows a consultation with our aesthetician to obtain suitability.