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Dr, Klaudia Raczko,

I offer Holistic Health Consultations. I do not focus on disease as much as I focus on health. What we need to do is to create the right environment for our bodies, minds and souls.

I strongly believe in a blend of science combined and your inner ability to heal. I do not feel that we should push through our lives and health journeys. I believe that we can achieve balance and harmony. And then we will be able to flow more smoothly through our lives. This may be especially important for women who sometimes may feel that there is no time or space in the current health care system to open up, to be listened to and to learn to trust our bodies.

We somehow separated all aspects of our health and ourselves and started to believe that we are only our physical self. But we need to remember about our minds and souls which may suffer as well. If we have no chance to express ourselves in a creative way and listen to the wise whispers from within, even the most powerful medical interventions may not be enough. And the other way round, if we do not give enough attention to our body, we may not be able to achieve the state of mind that will enable us to express ourselves fully in our lives. And you can achieve it by honouring the time where you create your small rituals and ceremonies.

Health means nourishing your body, mind, and soul by choosing the right environment inside and outside you. Real health happens when you discover that you feel the need to nourish your body. Real health happens when you stop self-criticism and self-judgement, when you are synchronised with your life purpose, have a fulfilling job, and you are surrounded by people who love you.

I believe in science, but I also believe that you already have some answers to what makes you healthy and what makes you sick. I am here to guide you.

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