Whats the Difference Between Natural Breasts and Implants?

Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

Danielle Lowe is the Marketing Manager for ConsultingRoom.com, (www.consultingroom.com) the UK’s largest aesthetic information website. 

A recent Channel 4 documentary “Bums, Boob Jobs and Botox”  started the “Bums, Boob Jobs and Botox campaign” last month and is encouraging the nation to ask the questions they are too scared to ask, for instance, did you know that 63% of the nation would like bigger breasts!

The infographic shares a range of interesting facts about the UK’s chests, from the average bra size to the difference between natural breasts and implantshave you ever wondered how much your breasts weigh?

The information reveals that the national average bra size in the UK is a shapely 34D. It seems Liverpool is top of the table for the local average breast size coming in at a voluptuous 34DD. Women from Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and Swansea aren’t too far behind them with an average 36D, with Brighton, Bristol, Coventry, Belfast, Birmingham and Sheffield completing the top 10 with sizes from 34D to 36C.  Ladies in Aberdeen, Plymouth and Southampton were found at the bottom of the table, with their average breast size ranging from 34B to 32A. 

Another interesting titbit emerging is that men and women agree that a C-cup is an ideal size.

The cheeky stats also inform us that the average natural B-cup pair weighs the same as 33 and a half blue tits – or 43 and a half if they have been cosmetically enhanced.

If you’ve got a D-cup, you’re carrying around 2/7ths of coconut if they’re natural, or 3/7ths if you’ve had implants.

For all those people out there who refer to your breasts as melons and you’ve got a pair of DDs, then it seems they may have already known that they weigh around 7/9ths of a watermelon with implants, 6/9ths au natural!  

So for those out there that are proudly announcing “I knew it” you’re probably part of the ¾ of the population who believe they can tell the difference between natural and enhanced breasts. 

Check out all the stats summed up in the easy-to-understand (and entertaining!) infographic below.

Boob Job Infographic



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