The Rise of Teenage Botox

Eddie Hooker
By Eddie Hooker

Founder and Managing Director of Hamilton Fraser, Eddie Hooker is an expert in the cosmetic insurance sector.

The rise of teenagers demanding anti wrinkle injections should worry everyone in the industry.

Dr Leah Totton, a former “Apprentice” winner, admitted to being shocked by the age of some of her would-be clients and spoke on the BBC Today programme about turning away a girl as young as 14 from her clinic.

Some industry experts are blaming the lack of action from the government since the Keogh Report, which recommended a central register of practitioners – whether for surgical, or non-surgical procedures such as fillers.

Instead the government said it did “not believe that a new regulated profession is the only way of improving patient safety by practitioners of non-surgical cosmetic interventions”.

Some clinics in the UK are reporting parents accompanying their teenage children to the clinic in the mistaken belief that they can provide consent for their child.

Clinics and practitioners should tread very carefully when considering treating clients who appear to be very young. The best policy is ‘if in doubt don’t do it’.

Teenage Botox on the rise

Many claims arise from poor patient expectation and if a client has to no lines and wrinkles to start off with they are likely to be disappointed with a lack of results.

Photography, immaculate record-keeping and clear judgement are essential with all non invasive facial treatments.

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Many thanks to the author of this blog Eddie Hooker who has been involved in the insurance industry since 1985. He worked with many large insurers such as Legal & General and AXA Insurance prior to setting up his own insurance business. 

By working closely with the industry’s leading practitioners, training courses and distributors, Eddie and his team have built up a detailed understanding of the aesthetic market ensuring that the customer experience is founded on knowledge and support.

This has been highlighted in a recent customer survey that found that 95% of Hamilton Fraser customers were either satisfied or more than satisfied with the service provided by the company.

Thanks to the author

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