The Fresh Diet - A Prescription for Feeling Healthy?

Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

Danielle Lowe is the Marketing Manager for, ( the UK’s largest aesthetic information website. 

The Fresh Diet is the latest diet to hit the headlines in the U.S and it’s no wonder that its website promotes weight loss of up to 4 pounds in the first week alone. However, The Fresh Diet is more than just a weight loss regime and claims to help reduce cholesterol and maintain insulin levels for those who suffer from type I and type II diabetes.

With more and more people turning to unhealthy fad diets and the collective waistline of the U.S ever-expanding, The Fresh Diet initiative is on the way to revolutionising dieting.

The premise is simple; for around $50 per day 3 fresh gourmet prepared meals of your choice will be delivered daily to your address, along with 2 healthy snacks.

No freezing, no calorie counting, no bland tasting low-fat foods, no starving yourself AND the diet allows for pasta, rice and alcohol?!

The meal plan is flexible and also caters to specific health needs including allergies and intolerances as well as a diabetic plan, vegetarian plan and integration of the daily recommendations for both men and women in separate plans.

A fresh diet, a prescription to feeling better

An example of the menu includes; 

  • Goat cheese, baby spinach & sun-dried tomato omelette with seven-grain toast for breakfast.
  • Grilled Canadian bacon over baby arugula with fresh honeydew & toasted pine nuts as a snack.
  • Mushroom soufflé & gruyere cheese Panini on whole wheat ciabatta bread for lunch.
  • Fillet of Chilean sea bass with citrus chipotle sauce, haricot vert and sun-dried tomato couscous for dinner,
  • And sugar-free chocolate cupcake with mocha-hazelnut cream cheese frosting for dessert.

Overall the diet promotes weight loss and healthy living with a balance of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% “good” fat.  Bad carbohydrates and sugars are avoided to reduce inflammation, and the 3 gourmet meals and 2 snacks are aimed at providing healthy fuel for the body every 3-4 hours.  

This aims to encourage a healthy way of life along with personal diet counsellors available to discuss any issues relating to dieting and weight loss

How beneficial is a new diet

The diet is a refreshing health solution that incorporates more than just the extreme get-thin-fast fixes that are floating around the internet these days.

Call me crazy but I do believe that gourmet fresh food sounds more appetising than a cotton ball!

(As per the ludicrous and highly dangerous “cotton ball diet”

If you want to read more, the experts at Consulting Room really know what they're talking about and have put together Weight Loss FAQs just for you. 

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