The Consulting Room Celebrates Our 9th Birthday!

Lorna Jackson
By Lorna Jackson

Lorna was Editor of Consulting Room (, the UK's largest aesthetic information website, from 2003 to 2021.

Since its launch on 9th May 2003, The Consulting Room™ (and 3 upgrades later) has gone from strength to strength. Way back 9 years ago, we saw that there was a desperate need for an unbiased and informative research tool for all things cosmetic surgery, beauty and medical aesthetic related, available not only for consumers and the press but also for clinicians themselves in this ever-expanding and complex industry; and now, a few more grey hairs and fine lines later, we feel that the journey we, the site and you, the public, the press and our members have taken certainly prove that our vision was indeed correct.

As the popularity and availability of surgical and non-surgical procedures, no doubt continue to rise in the coming years, aided by ever more media coverage for an insatiable TV audience, increased consumer disposable income and credit lines, plus social acceptance and online media promotion; we will continue to expand our breadth and depth of knowledge-based information and the powerful resources that we bring to you all. To our members who have been with us since the start, we thank you for your support and long may we continue to serve you well.

If you have any feedback on our 9 years or suggestions for improvements or additions to the site, or even ideas for how to celebrate a decade online next year then please comment below.

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