Skin Talks by Dr Jaishree Sharad First of a Kind Book

Dr Jaishree Sharad
By Dr Jaishree Sharad

An Aesthetic & Laser, state of art clinic headed by renowned Celebrity Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad, providing the most advanced solutions.

My dermatology expertise has seen me pen the dermatology-related syllabus for many a medical book and I have headlined and presented my work at some of the most significant conferences related to my field, all across the world.

My own skin clinic, Skinfiniti, was inaugurated by none other than my mentor and idol, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. All through my career, my desire to use my well-founded expertise to touch the lives of others has driven me to go that extra mile.

And now, my book - 'Skin Talks' launches on 24th September. It is the first of its kind by an Indian author. The foreword to the book has been written by my omnipresent mentor, Mr. Bachchan himself!

This book, published by Random House publishers is a simple and holistic approach to understanding your skin and a practical guide to looking after it over different ages, times and occasions. The first of its kind, it dispels several myths and even offers home remedies for many an ailment.


The book has been divided into three parts.

PART 1 titled ‘BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP’ starts with a chapter called The Skin Dictionary. In order to take care of your skin better, you must know the basic anatomy, composition and functions of the human skin. This chapter tells you all about it. 

The second chapter, What’s Your Skin Type?, helps you know your skin type and how to deal with each skin type—be it normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive, Then comes a chapter called The Skin Enemies where I talk about how most of the factors that can cause skin damage and accelerate skin ageing can be controlled by us. Sun, smoking, alcohol, stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution, poor lifestyle, inadequate sleep, lack of exercise, and inadequate water intake are the saboteurs of our skin, the real enemies. Know them to fight them better.

PART 2 on NAGGING BEAUTY PROBLEMS begins with a chapter called Acne Attack that will unveil the nitty gritty of pimples and zits. You will read about the causes, common acne myths, the do’s and don'ts, some cool tips to keep acne at bay and insight into acne scars.

Chapter five is on Skin Hyperpigmentation. Uneven, dark, patchy skin is something no one wants to have. Learn about the most common causes of increased pigmentation, how to deal with the problem and how to prevent increased pigmentation.

Chapter six talks about other common skin problems besides acne and hyperpigmentation like an ingrown hair, dark circles dark lips, dark underarms, rosacea, stretch marks and cracked heels.

In chapter seven, Your Skin as You Age read about how and why the skin ages. The various preventive measures as well as anti-ageing skin treatments for men and women have been described in this chapter.

PART 3 is a ROAD MAP TO RADIANT SKIN. If you’re confused about which cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen or anti-ageing cream to use, read chapter eight, What’s In Your Skin Care Closet?. This is the perfect guide to choosing the right skin care product.

Chapter nine, Skin Care through the Seasons, deals with skin care in summer, monsoons and winter.
The skin behaves differently at different ages from 20s through 70s. Why does it do so and how do you deal with it? Read the chapter on Skin Care through the Ages to know more.
A bride and groom want to look their best on the most special day of their life. Chapter eleven, The Bride, the Groom, and the Holiday, reveals secrets to glowing skin on the wedding day and then keep the skin care tips going for the honeymoon.
The right kind of food will help rejuvenate your skin and regain its lost health and glow. You can read more about how your diet can make or break your skin in chapter twelve, Diet and Skin.
In the final chapter, Skin Care Ritual from Morning to Night, I have planned a basic skincare regime for one and all. There are special insights into skin care for males and tips for healthy shaving.


The book is available to buy on Amazon and Kindle for international readers.

If you want to read more, the experts at Consulting Room really know what they're talking about and have put together some acne, scarring, pigmentation, dark circles, rosaceastretch marks, sunscreen and specialist skin creme FAQs just for you. 

If you have more questions, you can use the acne, scarring, pigmentation, dark circles, rosacea, stretch marks, sunscreen and specialist skin creme questions feature to talk to our panel of trained medical experts. 

If you're keen to get started with any of these treatments right away then you're in luck - those clever folks also have a list of trusted, accredited acne, scarring, pigmentation, dark circles, rosaceastretch marks, sunscreen and specialist skin creme clinics in your area.

Dr Jaishree Sharad
Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist, India

Dr Sharad is a CEO of Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin & Laser Clinic, practicing in Mumbai. 

She is also currently the Vice President of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India.

She has recently been elected on the executive board of the European Society of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology. She has spoken at various international conferences and meetings

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