Skin Flooding and Streaming: Experts Talk the Latest Craze

Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

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Expert reveals the beauty must-haves for your 2024 beauty regimes. 
The effort that goes into creating a skincare routine that works for you can be challenging. Using the right products with the right ingredients can lead to a lot of trial and error, especially when so many are making big claims.  
As the New Year starts, new trends also follow, which is why health and wellness experts at Ethos Aesthetics and Wellness have put together the hottest skincare trends right now to have your skin glowing in 2024.  
Skin Streaming
The days of long, intricate, and confusing skincare routines are gone as we step into 2024. Skin streaming is a process that whittles down the number of products in your skincare routine, leaving you to use only the essentials. Pairing your skincare routine with fewer products and allowing the skin to breathe will ensure all the products you choose to use work properly and are as effective as possible.  
Skincare can be complicated, from remembering the order in which to use your serums, acids, moisturisers, and creams to how to apply each product correctly.  
Experts suggest that this new wave of streamlining your routine will make the process much easier and make your skin feel free from irritation or damage. Make sure your routine includes a gentle but effective cleanser, a hydrating moisturiser and an SPF. It is also suggested to involve vitamin C in your routine at the start of the day to brighten your skin and boost collagen. 
skin flooding
Skin Flooding
Hydration is vital when it comes to taking care of your skin, which is why this new method of locking in moisture is so popular this new year, especially in colder climates.
Skin flooding is where you apply lightweight layers of hydrating products such as moisturiser and hyaluronic acid to the skin to ensure high hydration levels, leading to happy and healthy skin. 

If you want to try skin flooding, follow these few steps to see the best results: 

  • Apply a gentle cleanser to the skin, double cleanse if desired.
  • After this, allow the skin to stay damp before applying the crucial step of hyaluronic acid. 
  • Lock all of this in with your favourite moisturiser immediately after the hyaluronic acid whilst the skin is still damp, or you can apply it after dabbing your skin dry.

Mixing Your Skincare with Makeup Products

Using makeup products infused with skincare allows your skin concerns to be constantly treated throughout the day, even when you are wearing a full face of makeup.  

The advantages of wearing makeup which has designated skincare ingredients are: 

  • Reduced risk of acne and breakouts – Many makeup products that fail to include skincare-based ingredients tend to clog your pores, leading to breakouts. Try makeup, which has Salicylic Acid as an ingredient, especially if you suffer from acne or breakout often. 
  • Shorter time spent applying product – If you are applying makeup with skincare already as an ingredient, the time you need to prep your skin beforehand will reduce. 
  • Better tone and texture – Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C are all ingredients that will help you brighten and even your skin tone and hydrate it.  
  • Protection from environmental factors – Makeup, including skincare, can protect from harmful UV rays and pollution.  

If you struggle with dry skin, try opting for a foundation, tinted moisturiser or concealer with hyaluronic acid added. You could also try mixing a drop of hyaluronic acid into your foundation on the back of your hand before applying. 

A spokesperson from Ethos Aesthetics and Wellness commented: “The world of skincare can be complicated and daunting, and with a constant cycle of new products and trends taking over social media, it can be tricky to know who to listen to, which products to use and how to use them. 

This expert advice gives the perfect insight into the hottest trends to put under your belt in the hopes that your skin will glow, stay healthy and look fabulous in 2024.

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