Looks Like Botox Parties Haven’t Gone Away!

Lorna Jackson
By Lorna Jackson

Lorna was Editor of Consulting Room (www.consultingroom.com), the UK's largest aesthetic information website, from 2003 to 2021.

First came the Tupperware, then the sexy undies and now discounted and even free Botox® is available if you organise a party of your friends.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, apparently not according to Derma Skin Clinic run by brothers, Drs. Sid and Vik Gautam and dentist Dr. Helen Rimmer with clinics operating across Cardiff, Bristol and Manchester.

They’re the only clinic that we have come across who are offering a ‘Group Botox® Offer’ whereby the organiser of a group of friends (a party to you and me!) who want to have treatment can qualify to get up to 100% of their own treatment for free, depending on how many ‘bums on seats’ they can secure.

(Normally in such parties the host or hostess is simply incentivised by a reduced treatment cost compared to their guests).

Derma Skin Clinic will treat a minimum of five people (excluding the organiser) and up to a maximum of fifteen in a clinic location of your choice; they do at least not offer this as a mobile service in someone’s home or another private venue.

Group members also receive discounts off the listed treatment prices. The organiser of the gathering benefits depending on the number of treatments that their group actually opts for, with 10 treatments securing the 100% free treatment deal for the organiser with the percentage falling as the number of others having treatment diminishes.

Botox party

So, yes, essentially we’re talking about that age-old controversy of the ‘Botox Party’, but with an added financial incentive for the host or hostess to secure as many people as possible for treatment at their event. With a maximum of 15 people per party and a requirement for 10 for the free treatment, it would seem that the clinic has at least allowed some space for weeding out contraindicated participants.

Derma Skin Clinic is very confident about this offer, so much so that they note on their website;

“This offer is back by popular demand and so we will be extending it indefinitely.”

But as a prescription-only medicine, should Botox® really be incentivised in this way?

We asked the clinic for comment on their offer and Dr. Sid Gautaum told us; “Our group Botox offer is quite popular.  We use this as direct marketing to clients with large groups of friends. Since the groups are usually seen at our clinic, we have a controlled environment and therefore can ensure that the environs are clean and that no untoward substances have been taken by the clients. It is, in fact, particularly due to the uncontrolled nature of client’s homes that we do not offer mobile services.”

Still, it could be argued that a party is a party no matter where it is held!

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