Keep Yourself Safe When Choosing Aesthetic Treatments

Piroska Cavell
By Piroska Cavell

Piroska Cavell BSc,PgDip,PgCert is a former midwife and now medical director of her aesthetics and wellbeing Clinic-Clinic Sese in Whitstable.

The recent documentary series by Olivia Attwood highlighted how confusing it can be knowing how to choose who and where to get your aesthetic treatments from, and how safe they are.

Here are your 10 top tips to keep you safe and informed...

  1. Choose a medical practitioner. Although there is no regulation in the Aesthetics industry here in the UK a medical practitioner is accountable to a registration body that produces guidelines and a duty of care that practitioners are required to adhere to or risk losing their registration and their careers. Medical practitioners are also covered by medical insurance giving you further protection if there is a problem. Whilst not all medical practitioners are of the same standard and all vary in their style of practice you are safer in the care of a  medically trained professional.
  2. Ask your practitioner if they are part of a complications management group. These groups offer regular date training in the management of complications.
  3. Ask your practitioner about the products they are using and the treatments they are recommending. Where do the products come from? What’s in them? What are the side effects and risks? What is the evidence?
  4. Ask about your practitioners’ qualifications. Medical practitioners will have university certificates, they should also have training certification for all the treatments they are carrying out. Non-medics can call themselves practitioners, even advanced aesthetic practitioners but they cannot be CQC regulated or prescribe or hold a medical degree.
  1. Ask how many times they have carried out the treatment, and if they have ever had a complication, if so what happened?
  2. Ask about the down time, and whether you need a course of treatments to get the best result.
  3. Make sure they take your medical history.
  4. Make sure you are offered, read, and discuss consent and aftercare forms for all of the treatment you are having.
  5. Make sure before and after pictures are taken.
  6. If you feel unsure, pressurised or just not comfortable with any aspect of the appointment, the surroundings, or the practitioner: STOP! Leave and take time to think or visit another practitioner or several until you feel comfortable and safe.

Aesthetic medicine can have a hugely positive effect on how look and how you feel when treatments are carried out by a fully qualified, medically trained professional.

Don’t risk your face!

Many thanks to the author of this blog Piroska Cavell who founded Clinic Sese who are specialist in advanced anti-ageing aesthetics, wellbeing, weight-loss and women’s health based in Margate. 

Piroska’s unique career path, a combination of both creative and medical roles – from beauty therapist to makeover artist, from midwife to advanced aesthetic practitioner – has developed her expert eye for aesthetic artistry and an empathetic understanding of the anxieties and drivers within each self.

Call Piroska and the team at Clinic Sese now on 0739 504 6957 or visit

Thanks to the author

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