Is This Device What You Need to Boost Your Skincare Routine?

Clare McLoughlin
By Clare McLoughlin

Clare McLoughlin is an Independent Nurse Prescriber and advanced procedure aesthetic nurse and trainer with more than 16 years’ experience.

Boost Your Home Skincare Routine With The NEWA Beauty Device

Increased time spent indoors at the height of the pandemic saw us place a renewed focus on our skincare regimes.

Whilst this is a trend that may have dwindled slightly since the lifting of restrictions, it’s fair to say that home skincare routines are still very much a priority for many people.

With this in mind, I’d like to introduce you to the NEWA beauty device, which is the latest home skincare product to stake its claim in our daily schedules.

Discover more about it below.

NEWA: Your Newest Home Skincare Accessory

This home skincare accessory has been produced by the team behind the ENDYMED Intensif, a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation device that ranks amongst my clinic’s most popular treatments of the year.

By making use of ENDYMED’s patented 3DEEP radiofrequency technology, the NEWA beauty device can help to achieve powerful anti-ageing results from the comfort of your own home.

NEWA: Your Newest Home Skincare Accessory

Like the ENDYMED itself, this system heats the skin from within with radiofrequency, stimulating collagen production, minimising lines and wrinkles and reducing sagging.

If used 3-5 days a week, NEWA has been shown to boost our collagen supplies by up to 4%. This undoes one of the biggest negatives of the ageing process, which sees us produce 1% less collagen each year from the age of 18. What a product!

Which Parts Of The Skin Benefit From NEWA Beauty The Most?

Which Parts of the Skin Benefit From Newa Beauty the Most?

As lines, creases and folds tend not to discriminate, it’s a safe assumption that these imperfections will eventually come to us all. Fortunately, this device can be used to target mouth lines, unsightly neck skin, jawlines lacking in definition and so much more before these things really begin to take hold.

The NEWA is generally well tolerated by people of all ages and skin types and is perhaps best recommended for those who have just begun to notice the signs of ageing emerging on the mid to lower parts of their face.

The NEWA Beauty Device Can Be Adapted To Your Needs

Home skincare is all about trial and error, so there’s a good chance you already know which areas you need to work on. To help you meet these goals, the NEWA comes complete with adjustable settings to ensure you give your skin just the glow it needs.

The accompanying Lift Activator Gel, which must be used in partnership with the device, helps to conduct radiofrequency energy, boasts firming properties and instantly hydrates the skin. They really have thought of everything!

Purchase Today

You can purchase the NEWA device here.


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