Introducing Consulting Room's Business Hub for Aesthetic Professionals

Ron Myers
By Ron Myers

As an Aesthetic Business Coach and Mentor, Ron helps aesthetic clinics and suppliers to maximise their profits.

At Consulting Room we love to learn - and we invest thousands in our own education every year. We also enjoy sharing, training and disseminating information and have a long heritage in creating courses and conferences that, we hope, provide quality content and advice for people who work in the aesthetic industry. It is from this that content such as that found in our monthly member magazines and our SMART Ideas seminars has been born.

The SMART Ideas format is the favourite event for myself and my business partner Martyn Roe, as we ourselves sit down and plan every year to improve the service that we, as a whole team, provide to our customers in our differing businesses, which include a cosmetic clinic, a distribution business, consultancy services and our clinic member directory. I and Martyn encourage anyone working in an aesthetic clinic to take a day away from the busy "coal face" to take stock and evaluate how you're going to move forward each year.

To help with this process we are aggregating a great many resources with a business theme from past member magazines, our SMART Ideas events, which have been running since 2010, as well as getting input from third party companies and individuals who work in the aesthetics sector, to create this new Business Hub within the Members Area of Consulting Room.

Consulting Room Business Hub

The aim is to give our Members a database of guides, videos, articles and audio content that they can refer to as an aid to running a successful aesthetic business.

We have teamed up with a number of aesthetic industry professionals who are experts in their field to bring you content that hopefully covers all aspects of business management for this sector and we will continue to add content as we build this Business Hub for our members. From practical tips for getting started in business, buying aesthetic equipment and achieving growth and profit with implementable business models, to insight into all areas of internet marketing and guides on legislation, patient management systems, staffing issues, insurance and finance; we have plenty of varied information and guidance for your clinic business.

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