Getting Rid of Tattoos Before Your Wedding

Lorena Öberg
By Lorena Öberg

Lorena is at the forefront of the tattoo removal industry combining both non-laser and laser techniques.

Tattoos are an expression of oneself at a given time in life. As life changes, tattoos may become a burden and no longer appropriate.

There are many different reasons for wanting a tattoo removed that range from not being happy with the artwork to simply having made a bad decision in the haste of youth. A life-changing event can trigger a desire to have them removed.

Perhaps the most common event is a Wedding. The bride wants to look PERFECT on her day and an unwanted tattoo can influence her choice of dresses. A bride can feel limited as to what she can wear on her special day by not wanting to show off her unwanted body art.

Another common occurrence is that a bride may need to opt for a special cultural dress such as a Sari, but may have a tattoo which she has kept a secret from her family. In this case, the bride has no choice in her dress and needs to have her tattoo removed for very personal and cultural reasons.

Although the internet is full of lotions and potions that promise to remove tattoos the fact is that there are only two methods that will work and both need to be done by a trained professional. The only proven methods for tattoo removal are Laser Tattoo Removal and Rejuvi Tattoo Removal.

Pre-wedding Tattoo Removal

Laser is highly effective on black tattoos but will not remove green or red no matter what they tell you when they are trying to sell you a package of six sessions. Red and Green do not come out with a laser, not in 6, 10, 20 or 1000 sessions. 

The advantage of Laser is that the aftercare is relatively easy compared to the non-laser alternative and if done correctly, it is highly effective.  You should see your tattoo fade by 30% each time you have a treatment. This does not mean that it will come out in 4 treatments, it means that it will be 30% of what it was before that treatment. On average, you will be looking at between 10 and 20 sessions to erase a black tattoo. Laser is not without after effects and will leave the skin very susceptible to skin cancer so sunblock is a must. The area will also never tan again.
The biggest problem with laser is that companies want to sell a block of sessions making it a very expensive proposition. Once the money has been invested,  there is the issue that the technician can turn down the pulsations ensuring more sessions are needed. Thus prolonging the process and the expense.

If the tattoo has colours, the only option is the Rejuvi Non Laser removal.  It’s highly effective, especially in the body area but less effective if the tattoo is in the extremities like arms and legs. On average you will need 5 to 10 treatments with Rejuvi depending on how stubborn your tattoo is.  

It will require fewer treatments than laser and some say that it hurts less although the jury is out on that.

Solving pre-wedding tattoo worries

The big risk with Rejuvi is the scarring. Any technician that tells you that you will absolutely NOT SCAR is not being honest. The possibility of scaring has to do with two factors, the genetic predisposition to scaring and the skill of the technician.

There are technicians promising to remove the tattoo in one Rejuvi treatment….perhaps…..but they will also leave you with a scar. 

Rejuvi is formulated to remove the tattoos gently and in several treatments. Ask for before and after pictures and ask if you can speak to any of their clients. Rejuvi technicians form a tight relationship with their clients by the very nature of their work and most have clients that are more than happy to speak about their experiences.

Stay away from tattoo parlours offering Rejuvi…Tattoo Removal is an art form in itself but very different to tattooing. The same heavy hand of a tattoo artist that ensures beautiful work can leave scars when using Rejuvi. A better alternative is a micro-pigmentation specialist or a medical tattooist.

Whichever method is right for you, your skin will never go back to pre-tattoo condition. Rejuvi will leave a small shadow even if the best of cases whilst laser could leave you with a burn-like scar or best case a “ghost”.

Do your research, get recommendations, and be very careful with your treatment provider.

A reputable clinic will never make you feel pressured into agreeing to have treatment or paying over the top for it.

A reputable clinic will help you through the process, make you feel at ease and not give you any assurances they can’t keep.

There are no easy answers to tattoo removal and if anyone paints you a rose garden…it’s a fairly good indication to try someone else.

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Thanks to the author Lorena Öberg who is a world-renowned Skin Repair Expert, CEO and Founder of Lorena Öberg Skincare.

Based in London’s prestigious Harley Street and Surrey, Lorena offers patients specialist treatments for various skin conditions using pioneering techniques, including tattoo removal, semi-permanent make-up correction and migration.

Lorena is also a pioneer in scar and stretch mark reduction and recently launched DermaEraze®, a unique technique that has been hailed in the international press for its high success rates. Under her brand, DermaLipo® Lorena also offers a highly acclaimed advanced body contouring, non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction, ultrasound inch-loss and skin tightening treatment, with proven results.

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