Cosmetic Consultations Part 2: Client Treatment Suitability

The Laser Clinic Swindon
By The Laser Clinic Swindon

The Laser Clinic is an advanced nurse-led professional skincare clinic in the popular market town of Royal Wootton Bassett.

In order to provide suitable treatment to your clients, a successful consultation must first take place. Once your client’s expectations have been established and discussed, then it is important to consider your client’s suitability for treatment.

Suitability for treatment includes completing a medical history that will alert you to potential contraindications for treatment. This part of the consultation will also cover more holistic avenues, such as their motivation for treatment. If the treatment is to treat an embarrassing condition, the likelihood is they will be very motivated to comply with aftercare advice, and a treatment plan (additionally, assessing their expectations, and effective communication and assessment throughout the treatment plan will reinforce this). However, if the treatment is to provide a solution to an issue that ‘doesn’t bother them that much’ – the likelihood is (often dependant on results and rapport with your client) this client may not see through the entire treatment or plan. This is obviously a generalisation and depends on the issue and treatment.

Moreover, it is also worth considering the potential for clients to have been coerced into having treatment – maybe by a friend, partner or co-worker. When you complete a thorough consultation and discuss your client’s expectations, it should become evident at this point, what their motivation for treatment is. If your client is vague it is worth considering if they have been coerced. This is when it is helpful to have a ‘cooling off’ period, so the client can consider the treatment without commitment.

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