Bra Fillets Do You Go For the Chicken or the Egg?

Danielle Lowe
By Danielle Lowe

Danielle Lowe is the Marketing Manager for, the UK’s largest aesthetic information website. 

In this industry it seems barely a week goes by without news of a slightly wacky product filtering into my inbox and guess what?

This week was no different and here’s Silicone breast brawhy; let me introduce you to the “full strap-on silicone breast bra”!

Unlike the classic ‘chicken fillet’ (otherwise known as the silicone gel pads that are used to pad out bras) the pads are attached to a see through back and shoulder straps forming a bra which gives a shapelier figure. 

And there we have it – the full strap-on silicone breast bra!

We found this peculiar looking product on eBay retailing for around £30. Designed as a prosthesis for women with a smaller chest and post-op mastectomy patients, the strap-on silicone breast bra promises to boost breast size by up to 6 cup sizes.

The description of the product says:

Silicone breast bra

“Go walking, dancing, running, jumping around, and even swimming, you can be assured the breast form will stay in place and you will not lose your shape. The pair warms to body temperature, have realistic European skin colour and raised nipples and are weighted which mimic not only the look but the feel, bounce and movement of real breasts. The backs are slightly concave, making this an excellent option for a flat-chested person. The breast can be used over 100 times and maintenance and washing is easy in warm water with mild soap.” 

Intrigued, I decided to investigate further and found that this isn’t just a single, slightly novel, product there is a whole range of similar products.

Silicone Breast bras - chicken fillets


There is the classic egg-shaped style.


There is the pocket bra which can give you a boost of up to 9 cup sizes.  This is a specially made bra with see-through pockets to hold the fillets in place which “allows the breast forms to jiggle and move like the real thing!”


Finally, we have the open bra silicone form - where the fillets are attached to the open front of a bra by Velcro. 

A range of products catering for women post-mastectomy is great to see however, I couldn't help but titter when these landed in my inbox!

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