Botox Treatments Should Be Natural!

Marea Brennan Thorns
By Marea Brennan Thorns

Marea Brennan Thorns MSc RN NIP is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and co-founder of Qutis Clinics and MBNS Clinic.

Scanning through The Daily Mail, I came across an article on one of the paper’s most popular topics – Botox treatments.

The gist of the story was that the Hollywood set was falling out of love with the treatment and opting for other wrinkle reducing treatments that were less invasive. Words that are re-hashed frequently such as "frozen faces” and “poison stares” really do all add fuel to the fire on how this treatment should NOT look.

It is said there is no such thing as bad publicity, and I believe this rings true with our team at my clinic at MBNS.

We continue to treat patients with Botox and various other anti-ageing treatments and have done so for over fifteen years now.

We pride ourselves on delivering a natural or “European” look as we like to call it, as opposed to the “American" look which receives much press, and on more than one occasion, has been referred to as the “deer caught in headlights" look!

Is Botox treatment natural?
European look using Botox

A European look means that the person can still have expression, but the wrinkles are softened.

As I have been in this aesthetics business for a long time, I know what works well. I want our patients to leave us knowing that they look their natural best and their friends will say “have you been away, you look refreshed” NOT “what HAVE you had done”!

An expert eye and a subtle approach is definitely the ethos to have. I want to help my patients achieve their skin health goals in a natural and subtle way with not a “frozen face” in sight!

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Many thanks to the author of this blog Marea Brennan Thorns who is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and co-founder of Qutis Clinics.

She has been instrumental in developing advanced soft tissue augmentation injection techniques for lip enhancement, as well as optimal correction of facial lines and facial sculpting.

More recently, she has been involved with injection technique training courses, for the cosmetic use of Botulinum Toxin A Treatments and volumetric lifting of the face. She is a frequent speaker at national professional conferences and seminars.

Thanks to the author

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