Malieh Hillman

I have always had a passion for skincare and ever since I could remember, the highlight of my shopping trips as a child to London’s department stores such as Harvey Nichols, Harrods or Selfridges was when I was within the skincare department.

One of my earliest and happiest memories as a child was listening in on my mother getting skincare advice from the specialist at the stands. 

I am a Mother (capital M) of 2 cheeky boys and I have a passion for all things skincare.

I am a certified trained skin specialist and facialist based in London, UK. I deliver non-surgical face and body treatments by using multiple techniques and platforms to get the natural results that my clients deserve.

I Invest my time in my clients to feel empowered in their own skin. I believe that skin is our barrier and display to the outside world. The more we look after it the more confident we will be.

I know that no two treatments will be the same and thus tailor my treatments to suit my client's needs.

The Natural Look is my ethos, Empowerment is my philosophy, and Great skincare is my life.

“West London Girl with hands that treat your skin and well-being”  

To check out how Malieh can help you, call Malieh skin on 07463325332 or visit