Lynne Dicks

My name is Lynne, I am the owner and founder of LS Skinology. I am a qualified VTCT Skin Specialist and Advanced Electrologist.  Some years ago I decided to further my education and study Corneotherapy. The principles of corneotherapy are to keep the epidermis intact at all times, working from the outside. I specialise in treating acne, rosacea, peri-oral dermatitis and age management with customised skincare and advanced technologies.

I have owned my own businesses nationally and internationally, I have been involved in the beauty industry for over 30 years. I  consistently upskill my knowledge to ensure that I am up to date with the latest research and technologies in an ever-evolving industry. I am currently studying for a Level 3 Nutrition Practitioner Diploma and CIBTAC Level 4 in Advanced Skin Science

I understand that a lot of skin problems are not only caused by harsh products/treatments which impair the skin’s protective barrier, but also by stress, hormones and dysbiosis in the gut. My mantra when treating skin is Less is More!